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  • Aug. 3, 2020, 2:35 a.m.
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my sister. at times is v. disrespectful towards our mom. like. so she’s also a bit vain. my sister not my mom. well more then a bit. and last wk. she wanted to dye her hair. and so she was talking to my mom about. using a bowl of hers. and when. she’d said something. er [well not ‘told’ but i hate extra politeness in a person] um. right she’d told to paraphrase. she’d told me she wanted a shower cap. and then said something to mom about using a bowl. and when i heard that i was thinking ‘you can get your own bowl’ for something like that. it really depends on what a person. uses it for.
so at some point between that. time and when i came into the living rm. the argument occurred. one thing. i don’t like about my sister. is the way she talks, to mom. she says bad things about her and during the argument she did. she’s like ‘you’re crazy’. firstoff. i don’t like. when people use that term incorrectly. and no. my mom is not legitimately...............well. insane. i am. [i can make jokes about it cause i am. otherwise. i wouldn’t.].
and. at one point during the argument. i told her my sister. ‘just so you know. at times. the way you talk to mom is completely unacceptable,’, or something like that. cause it is. i won’t defend my sister. i’m sorry not anymore. no i’m not even sorry.
she said something. and i don’t remember what partially bc. i don’t want to. and i said
‘speak for yourself’ and my mom’s ‘yeah’. like wow that’s funny. w/e it was. she’d said.
she blames our mom for a lot. like the fact she did drugs. well no one forced her to. she won’t take responsibility for that. she won’t say ‘yeah i did drugs and i shouldn’t’ve’ my sister. it’s a bit like peter pan syndrome. which can apply to women as well. oh and she kept talking around me, which i hate. when i was right the fuk there. so i kept telling her ‘i’m not a plant’.
she doesn’t get to do that. or at least at the time she didn’t.
she apparently. think it’s my parents’ fault i do what i want. well when i’m at my mom’s. we have lunch/dinner. watch tv at night. and i go out during the day. like i’m sorry am i not supposed to? i have depression! what the hell. what an insensitive..............yeah. wow. i mean. just cause i don’t have a traditional lifestyle doesn’t mean i don’t do. stuff cause i do. do things. i mean not as much since the news of the virus and all. that. but i do. and i have responsibilites.
no one wants to be around her. and this is why. she has a lot to learn about compassion and i told her that. she’s always been more selfish then i am though. [this comes off as i’m perfect. and no. i’m not.]. so it’s not all that surprising. she should be quiet instead of starting arguments. cause it’s not helping our mom. this is a reason i’m so quiet.
so on thurs. i guess - fri. she went to stay elsewhere. and thank god. it was so much better. w/o her being at our mom’s. it was quieter there was less arguing. it was nice. this is why i didn’t want her to move in. not that it was my decision of course.
i used to be the person. who didn’t take responsibility. ............yeah when i was in my 20’s. i’d think by now at her age. at evidently 30 she would have but no. she really needs to grow up. cause this isn’t her 20’s. it’s not the time to have fun. [well. of course people can have fun at any age.]. no i meant. she needs to start taking more responsibility. cause wow.

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