oh wow. my sister. and wed. and confusion regarding the privacy rules. in 2007: March 1: transferred fom FOD

  • Aug. 2, 2020, 3:06 a.m.
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so. i read the um. updated rules. and most of them made sense to me. but i’m a little confused regarding the privacy rules. does that mean. not................how do i put this............talking about anyone on pb? which usually i don’t do. even people i know from here. that are on fb. i don’t mention their names or where they’re from. i just talk about them. like their personalities. like ‘oh this person likes to read’ or. i don’t know. or. i guess. is that only limited to people on here? or? also in general? [not that i give financial details about others. as i don’t. i was raised even. not to talk about my finances.]. i wouldn’t give someone’s address.
no i just. want to make sure i follow that rule. that’s why i’m asking for clarification. so that i don’t. break the rule. on that. sorry i hope the above made sense. i have trouble w/ articulating. and being clear.
thank you.

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