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  • July 31, 2020, 8:42 p.m.
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I really mean to blog out our last game of D&D but that was seriously almost 3 weeks ago now and I haven’t been in the mood to type it out. Honestly, we could very well be done with it because Rocky, Luke and T will have overtime on Mondays until September and T refuses to move it to Tuesdays (because he might want to go camping) Whatever.... I don’t care.... by the time we get back to it we will have all forgotten what we are doing so I’ll have to read through my notes again anyway.... and if I get to adding it here before then I’ll just read it.

Through Destiny’s vacation .... and today.... Rocky’s home. They have a person outside of their work who asks you questions daily and he answered honestly about a soar throat and headache Saturday and Sunday so they sent him home. He managed to go get a test before we left for the Adventure Science Center but hasn’t gotten the results because basically we aren’t paying for a rapid one when they are free at the Health Department. He’s waiting for the results. He doesn’t have it.... he’d be severely sick by now and he’s not.... just chillin’ watchin’ TV.

Talked to Sammy one morning about .... well my mental health. I’m not sad but I could cry at any second. I’m overwhelmed with general life things and I can’t wait for things to go back to “normal”.... not covid stuff… but him moving in for 2 weeks, destiny’s visit, Rocky’s latest test and being absent from work. The NEED to do things and get things done and of course none of the things I NEED to do are ever important in the grand scheme. Like Laundry, dishes.... because no one else does them and I only have so may hours in the day ..... and MTurk because obviously with Rocky laying out we need more money and .... and .... and.... but we are good we are obviously doing things and getting on just fine. WHY does it feel so hard?

Paid off the gutters this morning and the house note which I somehow managed to wait to pay till it was due instead of 2 weeks early like I”ve done for the past 4 months. The gutters were 3317.68 so I’m pretty happy about that. I’ll move money around and pay one of our Chiropractor regiments off completely .... then money will be back to “normal”......

With Rocky working Mondays we are going to hold off on the trip to NC. I’ll work on his lineage a bit and maybe that trip will turn into a trip to Oklahoma next year or something .... something more significant. However with no set date I’m going to go ahead and put that money into bills to be paid so they aren’t just waiting to be paid.

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