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  • July 31, 2020, 8:14 p.m.
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So the situation is resolved and William is fired. The major point being the “fuck you” otherwise they’d have him back. He told me he doesn’t want it after talking to HR supervisor because he knows there would be a target on his back and he’d get fired for something else. I understand but honestly I don’t want to work there anymore either. The situation would have never gotten as far as it did had the pack supervisor not targeted William to begin with. i understand it’s about to be a plant wide enforced policy because of this situation with William but Jerry had not been enforcing it because he didn’t see the point. I had one that had a sloth on it and said “Not Fast, Not furious”and one with a design with a couple dragons, one of blue smoke and one of red flames. Neither political or otherwise enraging .... someone else has a galaxy purple and blue one.... another a pattern with roses.... no reason to ask us to switch so he didn’t..... doesn’t interfere with the job at all so he didn’t say anything...... but now. I have a white one prepared for when he has to tell me to change it.

I did not go to work today. It’s the last time I’ll be able to do this for awhile. I don’t want to use up all my time in the beginning of our year (time renews May first) but I’ve had a couple super bad days. One 2 weeks ago and then today. I know why both occurred and I feel helpless to have stopped either. Last time was stressing out over this last week.... and next.... this time it’s the ill effects of eating out almost every meal this last week, never eating at my set times, staying up 4 hours longer each night but getting up at about the same time.... I just kinda fucked myself. It was a nice visit though.

Monday we went to the Adventure Science Center. They had a cool exhibit on sound that honestly made the ringing in my ear worse. James brought his niece, Eve, and Gabby and her were everywhere! Chris helped keep track of them while we went through nearly every station everywhere. When we found something particularly interesting we’d round the kids up. We ended up with Subway there in the Center..... then the planetarium show at 1. I was dizzy and about the throw up by the time I got to my seat. Swapping straight lines in average walls to round ones apparently doesn’t work well. Luckily I’d brought myself some medicine and got a fair bit settled before the lights went off and the ceiling began moving with pictures. It was a rough go and I’ll never do it again.

Came back home laid down for about 30 mins before the Chiropractor .....that went okay.

Then on to the hotel to hang. We played cards....Five Kings.... and we went out for steak for dinner. We had a super great waiter and I got 2 alcoholic beverages. After we took the kids for ice cream (drive thru). We played some more cards and didn’t leave there till 10:30....

Tuesday we had the Chiropractor at 10 and after I dropped Rocky at home and went to the hotel. I grabbed some Fast food on the way over and we had KFC for dinner but had spent all the other time diamond painting some key chains for her ïnventory”. She has apparently signed up for a flea market Sunday! She had some family working on some small paintings for her and will be collecting them Saturday. She still had bookmarks to do but between Tuesday and Thursday we finished 29 key chains! They were so pretty :)

Wednesday they came to my house. Gabby stayed with her dad and grandma at the hotel and went swimming and stuff. They went put put golfing and did go carts a a place in Murfreesboro. Before Critter and Destiny got here we ran out and got McDonald’s for breakfast. We played Phase 35. There is a card game called phase 10.... then there are apps with different phases for phase 10.... so she combined all the phases and made a few .... then tested and swapped till there was 35 pages and each player would have different lists… It was fun but extensive. It took 11 hours to play. Destiny made ribs for dinner and we’d had a couple hot dogs for lunch.

Thursday was Chiropractor again and we decided just to diamond paint .... so Rocky stayed home. I figured if I left about 7:30 I would go to sleep as soon as I got home and have plenty of time so I’d be okay for work this morning.

I was wrong. Woke up at 2 am to a spinning room and horrible nausea. With medication it still wasn’t okay by 5 so I said fuck it, sent a text to Jerry and went back to bed. He did not text me okay but I honestly don’t care. I then slept till 9:30. Rocky had gotten up and did a pick up order at WM.... Destiny had come by at about 9, came in and gave me a hug and dropped of the single cup coffee maker she was using at the hotel. She has 2 so she left me the one she’d brought with her. It’s just a walmart version of a Kuerig but until it gives up the ghost it will be nice to have. I’m not supposed to have coffee so when I have a cup I’d like not to make a pot ya know? ....

After all that of course you know I have to feel like I did something today with my day off..... so these ( I expect 2 more) blogs.... dishes, laundry, catching up on the Animal Crossings I didn’t play all week. ....

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