Sammy Thursday move, William Friday fired in Second 1st

  • July 28, 2020, 10:33 a.m.
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Thursday we went to get Sammy and he had all his stuff in the living room. Combine that with the fact that Rocky had the dolly in the van and the whole move took just about an hour. This was amazeballz to me. Best move ever. Sammy hadn’t separated his stuff though and will be spending between then and Next Thursday (6th) choosing things to go in his dorm or into storage. He’s asked if he can store it here and we said sure.... It honestly should all fit in the closet when he’s done sorting it.

Friday at work was an issue. William Got fired!. At the heart of it William was told to take off his mask because it had the American flag on it. He reacted poorly because Ï’ve had brothers die and I’ve spilled blood for this flag. We are allowed to wear it on a shirt but I can’t have it on a mask? Fuck you”. .... The whole situation is in review and though we thought it would be resolved yesterday.... William will call after “lunch” today and hopefully he will be back at work on Friday. I’m on the side of he was in the right .... honestly if you think otherwise we need to talk. This man had shrapnel in his shoulder from his injury in action. Our uniform shirts have an American flag on the sleeve. They can’t have it both ways but they can’t TELL a vet injured in action to “take off your flag”.... The other side of that coin is apparently they changed policy on the mask just that morning to “no markings of any kind” because people don’t know how to be non political with their masks.... I’m not looking forward to dealing with it on Friday but as I said to William Ï’d give up all my color to have his job back”.....

Well, I thought I had more time to talk about the Adventure Science Center..... but it’s time to head out for the Chiropractor and then to the Hotel today to do diamond painting :).... I’m leaving Rocky home apparently.

This is peliminary.... more when more time… bye

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