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  • July 27, 2020, 8:27 p.m.
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Still no news on furbebes. Apparently D discovered today that the latest two he’s had his eye on are now potentially spoken for.

had yesterday and today off. Finished off a project yesterday that i was making doubles of, cooked up a casserole, and some egg bits, and talked to mom for like 3.5 hrs, while he was out of town playing airsoft. Today i did laundry, and tackled the totes in the den again, clearing out a bunch of old papers and posted some random, mostly xmas stuff, up for sale on FB marketplace. Have currently sold 1 item for sure (already had money sent) and have another 2 to take with me to work tomorrow for ladies to pick up, and 2 more i am waiting back from the potential buyers on.

Wanted to go to Ikea today, but was also waiting on avon order that did not come in which is odd, and also no one else seemed to be going. I need someone to take me because I want to buy some shelves for the den and i cant bus back with those. I suppose I could have text my uncle, but i don’t like pestering him for rides around all the time, even though I know if hes free he’ll do it no questions asked. Besides while waiting for the laundry to finish and the order to arrive that never did, I tackled the bins, and that was like 3 hrs of my day gone before i knew it!
All the things i posted up for sale are in 1 tote, and once they are gone, then I officially emptied a tote out!!! Which i will probably turn right back around and refill…lol mostly with the random craft stuff kicking around.

Next set of days off I might tackle my book shelf and clothes… who knows!

So while it doesn’t actually look like i did anything, I am feeling slightly accomplished!

but yea, nothing really new.

here’s a link to my craft page though in case you wanna see the project! It is the large Witch wreath

Muffin Princess July 28, 2020

I love a good clear out.

Canadian Lass Muffin Princess ⋅ July 28, 2020

well its been semi sucessful!!! ive made $85 so far on the stuff i put up for sale!!!
A little of that went to the day bed fund and a little went to the kitten fund :)

Muffin Princess Canadian Lass ⋅ July 29, 2020

That’s great, well done!

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