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  • July 25, 2020, 12:50 p.m.
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Nothing huge.

My son’s results came back. He has an infection in his stomach that could cause an ulcer. He has gotten all the meds he’s supposed to have and will begin treatment. While it’s been fun exploring a gluten free kitchen, I can’t eat the bread too much more. Lol The cauliflower crust, yes. The bread baking, not so much. Lol

I’ve been listening to a podcast where the host asks why she is single. She asks each of her guests if they would date here or why wouldn’t they. She isn’t really looking for a relationship. But also, I’m listening from the beginning and it’s a few years old. I want to fast forward to see what her life is like but I’m gonna play the long game. Lol

It’s made me think about dating and I have so much anxiety and so many more insecurities, that I’m ok being stuck on the person I’m stuck on. But even then I’m trying to get away from him too, so… Gotta make myself marketable in that department too.

I just wanted to drop that off.


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