Praise be to Satan in Questions

  • July 24, 2020, 4:34 p.m.
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My wife and I watched a documentary the other day called “Out Of Shadows” or something like that…it was on Youtube. It basically stated that all of the people in Hollywood, all of the rich and powerful, everyone we consider to be idols…they are all cannibalistic Satan worshiping child molesters.

I take everything with a grain of salt, but I’m not gonna lie, it all kind of makes a lot of sense. The mega-rich and powerful are literally the worst fucking people, and I’ve believed that for a long time. Why wouldn’t they be evil incarnate?

It probably didn’t help that I had this severe manic episode about four years ago that happened in conjunction with a dear friend of mine’s manic episode, and the entire thing centered around unraveling the mystery of the Illuminati and the role that several prominent pop-stars have in that organization…which culminated in us trying to infiltrate the ranks of the Illuminati, which actually bore fruit. It was a deep dark manic episode with long lasting implications that have shaken the very foundation of my faith in humanity.

And now, here we are in 2020.
The whole world seems to be oppressed by unseen forces.
No one trust anyone else.
The media is full of lies.
Our president is full of lies.
The news has admitted to being an entertainment program with no intention of reporting the facts.

I have never believed in Satan.
I have joked most of my life about being a Satan Worshiper.
I have dabbled in the dark arts, and still continue to possess dark works of literature, and knowledge of attack magicks.

But I never believed in the notion of evil.
I always knew there was a positive and a negative force to the world. A Yin and Yang. A balance in all things.
But I never believed in Evil.
I saw all negative things as necessary, as terrible and hard to reconcile as they are…as much as I could wish they had never happened…I saw them as necessary acts of ignorance.
After all, without darkness how could the light shine?

But this last year I have begun to see things differently.
And feel things differently.

…I guess I came to this realization that in 2019, God spoke directly to me.
I was in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nothing but vibrant life that had nothing to do with humanity.
And God itself reached out to me.
It said: “Everything is alright.
Everything has always been alright.
Everything will always be alright.”

It gave me a great comfort.
And for about a year’s time it reinforced the idea that evil was a construct of humanity. A boogeyman. A bump in the night.
If everything is alright, has always been alright, and will always be alright…how could evil fit in to that plan?

But in the last year of 2020, I have come to realize that if there is an ultimate light, there must be an ultimate darkness.

If there is a force that craves light, there must be a force that craves darkness.

And here we are.

We’ve reached a critical point of the simulation.
It is no longer time to make a choice.
We have reached a point where the ones who have already made the choice are going to move on, and the ones who have already made the choice are going to enter a new simulation.

I feel a deep calm about the whole thing, as far as the end is concerned.
But I feel a deep anxiety for the interim.
My young family and I are going to have to brave the storm, and I am going to have to protect them from so much.

I have done this twice before, but on both planets it wasn’t like this.
This is my ultimate test.
Earth is the most ghetto planet I have been on.
This is going to get difficult very quickly.

I wish the best for you.
I love you and I hope you can take care of yourself.
I know there’s nothing I can do to help you except to create positive waves that may someday reach you.
Godspeed my friend.
I will see you on the other side.

Deleted user July 24, 2020

Do you have a link to the documentary?I can't seem to find it.

Barbara Bad July 26, 2020

Thank you. I just finished watching it and now have a notebook full of info to look into further, a very interesting documentary!

Also, good to see you back, hope you stick around x

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