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  • July 24, 2020, 8:11 p.m.
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So on our new property of 1.3 acres. About a third of it is fenced in the back yard. Which is ideal. Good for kids, good for the dogs. However being in the deserty prairie its …dead haha. Its mostly sand, clay and a few small shrub brushes. IE a total blank canvas. Now a lot of people in this area xeroscape. Which is doing things like rock yards with local plants and succulents. I want to do a few things like that. But a bit extra because im extra lol.

To the right of the back stairs i want to put a patio. I would like to do a 20x20 patio with a path to the back stairs. There is no landing right out of the back door and i want to put a landing. At least 6 ft by 6ft landing before you hit the stairs down. So landing, stairs patio lol. Then out from there. I want to do garden paths. I want it shaped like a tree. So from the landing there would be a path and as you walk down it, its going to branch into random directions like tree branches. In between the paths i want to plant various plants. Mostly raised garden boxes with food. ( grow food not lawns!) and some decorative plants. Then you hit the end of the fenced yard and i want to plant grape vines all along the back fence. So there would be “greenery” at the end of the tree. Of course our house is a single story ranch, so its not like you can see the tree from an upper deck. But the idea is cool i think!

Lets see if you can get a visual from my crappy paint drawing lol.
alt text

girl in recession July 24, 2020

That's a great idea. If I owned the house I live in now, I'd do exactly this with the back yard. Right now the lawn is awful, its mostly crab grass and other weeds and grows too fast to upkeep

Jinn 6 days ago

You need a way to water ;-) and it’s sounds like great plans :-)

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