bloating. pain. neck pain. stiffness. ACL. *E in 2007: March 1: transferred fom FOD

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sorry. so on. tues. night that’s right. i had. fuk what was it? well i know i had milk. maybe chicken nuggets. but after i had the cup of milk. i felt full. like i didn’t want to consume. any more er anything more i mean. well turns out. that. is known as feeling bloated.
great. another symptom presumably of a tbi.
apparently. this wk Wk. 2. is about cfs leak and hypaxia. last wk. Wk. 1 was about fainting and nauseau.
oh i almost passed out last night. in the kitchen. well. i was sitting on the floor so. drinking milk. and i felt myself start to get unconcsiouss and i ‘woke myself up’. fuk. i ate a little after that.
oh yeah so on. tues. night my neck was killing me. like that feeling you get when you’ve slept funny? and i knew it couldn’t be that bc well. when i do, have. slept funny when i wake up. it starts right away. well i looked it up. and turns out. it was neck stiffness either from whiplash or the fall. awesome. i’m better now but wow.
btw. i forgot to mention. i did something to my ACL. when i um sprained my knee. awesome. no cause when i was looking it up, whenever it was. sometime this past wk. the symptoms matched. like i can walk on it but. damn. oddly. i don’t see any bruises.
i had knee pain, elbow pain yesterday. oh but i’ve found. that if i stretch my arm out and. have my palm out. my elbow doesn’t hurt as much. my left one anyway i’ve not done this w/ my right one.
so last night. actually it was maybe 20 mins. ago or. i don’t know. my right hip area. started to hurt. which was weird. and so i looked it up cause i was freaking out over it. so it’s either bursitis. or the muscoskeletal [sp?] thing. like. ya know when you get a cold and your whole body is just. stiff. and achy? yeah i’m there. ug.
i’m. remembering, the concussion. no not actually getting it obviously. no what happened before i lost concsiousness that day. whenever that was. almost 2 wks. ago. the er sorry. the body memory, of it isn’t painful, exactly. i had the weird pain thing a bit last night. the pain + nauseau thing. but it wasn’t as severe. as it was sun. night thank god. cause that was bad.
yeah. i’m not great.
eating is just. complicated. no not the physical act of doing so. no i mean. it’s complicated to think of all the steps when microwaving the pasta. and then. the tomato sauce. then. cleaning my dishes. putting everything away. well. also we have one of those microwaves that’s above and over the stove. so. it’s a matter of all the steps. not. how long it takes cause it doesn’t actually take that long. which is weird cause when i’m at my mom’s. it doesn’t feel this way. well. i’m not really asking why this is, btw. so. um. being that it isn’t a question.............therefore. well. this should be obvious.

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