Low Key Weekend in My life....I can't make this shit up!

  • July 19, 2020, 7:10 p.m.
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We’ve had a low key weekend. Friday afternoon I left work early, but the harness on Minnie, grabbed her muzzle and headed to the vet. There’s nothing wrong, but we realized we missed her rabies shot many months (or year) ago. There’s a low cost clinic in the next city and so I decided to take her there. I was skeptical because it’s not in the nicest neighborhood, and the outside of the building is questionable. My boss took her recently acquired stray cat there and said she had a nice experience. I have to say I was blown away by the clinic. I put the muzzle on Minnie when I got there, and when the guy behind the counter saw the muzzle he took us outside and inquired if she was dog aggressive. I explained that I had not had her around other dogs before, and while she’s great with my son and the cats she barks like crazy to other dogs. I’m not sure if it’s aggression or want to play, so I want to be cautious and play it safe. He said he understood and put us in a separate building where we could wait by ourselves.
Minnie cried and howled for a good 20 minutes. I think she also thought she was being abandoned again because the environment was very similar to the humane society where we adopted her. I got her up on the couch gave her snuggles and kisses and she finally calmed down. Hopefully she realized that I wasn’t going anywhere. After a 30 minute wait they brought us into the clinic. There weren’t any other animals at that time so she was fine. A woman brought in another dog and she started barking very loudly! They brought us into the exam room and they were so great with her! The vet and vet tech were wonderful. The vet took the time to show me how to properly clean out her ears and to apply the medication to them. We were in and out in an hour and it cost me less than $90 for the exam, her medication, and all of her shots. We will definitely be returning for any wellness exams and future shots.
Brian and I had the house to ourselves Friday night. I made dinner in the Instant Pot, we watched some documentaries then went to bed. We’re pretty boring. Unfortunately I didn’t get much sleep Friday night. We got hit with a shit ton of massive storms Friday night. The lightening was so close the house lit up, and the thunder was so loud. It was awful!! Brian slept right through it. I was wide awake. I hate storms. I found myself pacing the house most of the night peeking out windows and jumping back when lightening struck. I didn’t get to sleep until sometime around 5.
Brian let me sleep in Saturday morning, so at least I got a snooze in. We picked Cam up, went to the produce stand, then the mall to get Cam some new sandals, then Publix to get some nice steaks. We went back to mom and dad’s and made a nice dinner. I made the roasted zucchini and squash, as well as sauteed mushrooms, onions, and peppers. Brian made the steaks on the grill - Perfectly!
After dinner I sliced up some strawberries to go with the whipped cream and angel food cake we bought. It was delicious. We had a nice time just chatting with my folks and making good food.
We came home to a giant puddle of Minnie pee in the living room though. In her defense she is not used to being home alone all day and she’s a senior pupper. She’s used to me taking her outside three or four times a day.
After the clean up I was watching TV on the couch and felt myself getting extremely tired so I decided to head to bed early - a little before 9. I laid down in bed and it’s like a fucking switch flicked and I was wide awake. I laid there in the dark for a while then decided to read some. I was a little less than halfway through Forever and Ever, Amen - the Randy Travis Biography. Brian came in about an hour later and went right to sleep. I just could. not. sleep. I tossed and turned. I watched stupid videos, and kept returning to the book. I finished the book around 5:30 this morning and finally fell asleep around 6. I woke up at 9:30 this morning.
We had a pretty lazy day today. After lounging for a while this morning and long debates on what to have for an early lunch, we got Firehouse Delivered, ate, then went to Petsmart and got Minnie and new collar and tag so I could put her rabies tag on. It’s been a while since she got a new collar so I used it as an excuse to buy her a new pretty one. Her new one has princess tiara’s all over it, with a giant pink bow and a little jewel on it. It’s freaking adorable! Brian won’t let me put clothes on her, so I settle for ultra pretty collars.
We had talked about heading to Publix to get a few groceries, but by this time it was 106 outside with the heat index and we decided Fuck It and went home. I took a two hour snooze in bed and for dinner we decided to celebrate National Ice Cream Day and had Blizzards from DQ.
After we got home Cameron was quick to remind me that there is a WWE Pay Per View on the WWE network tonight. Now I’m not much of a wrestling fan. I used to watch it when I was younger, and Brian did reintroduce me to it shortly after we met. I got back into it for a while, but I got bored with the same story lines. Same reason I quit watching the soap operas I used to watch with my mom. Same thing over and over again. Meh. We would go to the NXT matches in Fort Pierce every month too, but then that got boring too. It’s great bonding time for the guys though. They both enjoy it. Brian used to watch the small house shows with his dad when he was a kid and got to watch some legends in the 70’s and 80’s, so him taking Cam to the NXT shows and doing the same thing with his boy is pretty awesome! If it makes them happy, it makes me happy.
Since I finished my book this morning, I haven’t been able to find something else to read. I found a new Stephen King book from the library I placed a hold on. I should be able to pick it up in a couple of days.

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