Happy 6th Birthday in Bittersweet

  • July 17, 2020, 3:40 p.m.
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Little girl turns 6 today. Iev never been awesome at poetic writings about what a person means to me. So i dont even try. My baby is 6. Sometimes i cant believe shes so grown up and other times shes still very much my baby. Shes still having trouble with her letters but can add and subtract. Shes such a little person now. she got her first barbies ( frozen themed ones) we like the second movie but not the first. So the dollies are from the second movie. A knitting kit to make elsas moms shawl. Ill be doing it haha. Its one of those loom hooks. She and i did two rows together. I think i could knit faster :P But shes excited. We will work on it slow. Or ill finish it by hand knitting it so its not annoying me haha. Either way it was on clearance for 6 bucks. She also got a princess poppy doll and a hairbrush for her babies. oh and a beading kit so she can make some necklaces. We dont go too big on it.
I bought a two tier unicorn cake and turns out, walmart dosent support their second tier. It slid off on the way home. I tried to repair it best i can and used some decorative gum balls and candy balls to hide some of the damage. She dosent care. Thankfully. shes just excited to see her 3 friends.

We close on our house in 7 days. Unless we can go sooner. But shes moving into a room with her two brothers. Im excited, their own room! they all three agreed to paint it blue. Maybe a light blue. And make a triple bunk bed for them. Place for her dollies and their legos :) Going to be awesome.

Anyway… 6 years old.

girl in recession July 17, 2020

Happy 6th birthday, how wonderful for her and special for you as her mom 💜

ChainedChrysalis girl in recession ⋅ July 17, 2020

Shes my only girl, so shes my little mini me, shadow and duckling all in one lol.

girl in recession ChainedChrysalis ⋅ July 17, 2020

That is awesome :)

Jinn 6 days ago

They grow up too fast . I miss the days when my kids were little ; a lot !

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