Long list of current things buggin me in Second 1st

  • July 16, 2020, 10:35 a.m.
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I had a real bad migraine on Sunday and called out. I’d taken all the meds I was allowed ïn a 24 hr period” and it hadn’t touched it.

William was very talkative that morning and I pretty much let out everything buggin’ me at the time… and I’ll repeat the things here obviously

Lawn.... 2 weeks since last mow. Todd keeps finding that the belt we’ve gotten to fix ours with is the wrong one… I think we are on belt 4 now none of them have fitted right even though I got the part number from the manual. It was raining Sunday morning and looked like rain most of the day so I asked that if he could come out and just fix the mower we would mow it ourselves this week in order to get it done because it looked like it was going to be wet all day. He came out at about 5 and he worked on the mower while his son mowed… however.... they were unable to finish either because the drive belt on their mower kept coming off and the belt for ours was too small. He said he’d exchange it at Lowe’s and come finish Monday.... didn’t come till Tuesday… It’s fine… it’s not the stress week. made sure it was clear that I needed him to come next week so the lawn was mowed when Destiny came. If he doesn’t… at least it won’t be as bad as it was.... but Sunday morning I was stressed about it.

Sammy.... he will be moving back in this coming (not today) Thursday. He will be here till the 5th. I didn’t know that Sunday morning.... in fact I thought it would be more towards the end of that week being the same weekend Destiny will be down and at this moment I’m not sure if that adds to or takes away from the stress of timing.

Diamond paintings.... I have 3 small ones I’d like Destiny to take back home with her.... so they need to be finished before she gets here. I will need to have them all done before Thursday, when Sammy will need that room and all the space he can get out of it. Then no diamond painting will happen for like a month at least. Probably. I’ll be moving the gear (spare diamonds, pens n stuff, finished and not started paintings) into Rocky’s “computer room” until Sammy moves back out.

Sunday morning I woke up to a message on the white board on the fridge. It just said “print 4 resumes”.... which totally added to general stress. I mean there are only 3 reasons you need resumes at all. 1) Quit and are going to beat the pavement and want to be prepared. 2) Fired and are going to beat the pavement and want to be prepared. 3) Possible promotion and needed for internal interview. 2/3 and Rocky’s work attitude had me thinking he was out of work. Until he woke up to get ready for work and explained to me that This coming Sunday he has interviews for a promotion or some such thing that gets him out of his current department anyway and a raise. I hope he does well.

Then there is Destiny’s visit. I didn’t want to go up. I don’t want to take more precautions than I am now just to manage to survive in order to take the 12 hr drive up there. Maybe when this is more under control. Nope.... She’s made plans and she’s bringing her oldest (Christopher), her SO Critter and Gabby so she can meet her dad in real life. They have talked on the phone a few times and he saw her when she was very little but she has not met him in her memorable life. Destiny and company are getting a hotel room and she asked James (Gabby’s dad) to get a room at the same hotel so he could spend the most time with her. This isn’t a bad idea by itself just that James is highly irresponsible and Destiny would like him to stay 4 nights.... his mom is paying for 2 and Destiny (last I heard) was going to talk Critter into letting her pay for 2. To me that’s sick. Like he’s just getting the room to spent time with Gabby because others want him to. He is making no sacrifice for that time. Destiny asked me if it was okay if he hung out here and i made sure to make all that clear to her. I don’t mind him being here if he steals anything he’s dead and if at anytime Gabby says she’s uncomfortable around him he’s no longer welcome. Pretty easy rules right?

Destiny and doing things.... She’s wanting to make plans to do stuff… like “What’s fun?” She wanted to go to the Country Music HOF but it’s closed.... as is many things in Nashville. There really isn’t a lot to do around here that doesn’t involve walking.... and she’s had some major back issues recently and doesn’t want to walk.... that’s fine. I keep telling her I’m gonna be happy hanging out at home and playing cards but she has to worry about entertaining her children :(.... one of the many reasons I don’t want kids. They will have access to a pool at the hotel and Chris is bringing his PS4 honestly hopeful Gabby and James are great together and they hang out at the hotel. I have no idea what to do with them and I really do not want to run all over. They will be here Saturday and i won’t see them till Monday. Then, they are leaving Friday morning. I asked her about food. I know they don’t eat 3 meals a day but Destiny is figuring they will eat out everyday.... or order in. I told her first thing we are doing Monday is ordering some groceries so that doesn’t happen. I’ll cook I just need to know what they will eat.

Before she gets here.... I need to finish that last small diamond painting, move Sammy in, clean the house. We’ve also added the Chiropractor into our lives ..... more on that in a bit. It just feels like a ton. Then I work 3 days a week and D&D on Mondays for 8 hrs.

I told ya’ll we got new gutters right? Grand total 3317.86 and we have a year to pay in no interest. We actually have it but can’t pay it yet because well.... with Sammy moving in for almost 2 weeks.... and Destiny coming down.... and....

Did I tell you about the DNA test I got Rocky? and his Cherokee background? Well he decided that for his portion vacation time he wants to go to a reservation. Okay.... to there is a large one in Oklahoma .... and a smaller one in Cherokee, North Carolina. The one in NC is only 4.5 hours away. So we are going to go for a day or 2. There are only 2 places we would want to go there that are open right now. Our “July shutdown” will be at the end of August this year so there is still time for things to open. IF other things open up we will possibly go to an open theater thing and a casino but currently I’m looking forward to the museum and the village.... even the visitors center that will help us have a better idea of what to go see “next time”...... Honestly, I’m hopeful the next time we go somewhere for “vacation” that has to do with his heritage it’s to Oklahoma to the tribal council to be inducted into the tribe.

Which brings me to what I have to work on after Destiny leaves. We have Rocky’s dad’s birth certificate. Rocky’s dad’s family is not open for communication. He was adopted by an aunt or something and doesn’t know his parents. Not to mention he’d tried to kill his mother at some point so there is really no talking to him at all. I am to take on hunting down some kind of paper trail to tie Rocky to the Dawe’s rolls. Most people don’t know (and neither did I) but the Dawe’s Rolls are the first census the US forced on the American Indians and everyone alive at the time is on it. Proof needs to be presented that you are a relative of someone on that roll in order to gain tribal membership. Why doesn’t he do it? .... “You are better at it”.... honestly i won’t be able to get the stuff together for our short trip to NC so I’ve got more time than just a few weeks. I just need to make it look like I’m trying.

So when we get back from the mini vaca to NC at the end of August I will throw what we have at the gutters and what’s left at the bill for the Chiropractor.

Chiropractor right.... so Rocky was having a bad day and asked me to make an appointment. i did… we went… I mean my hips still been bugging me.... first appointment we had x-rays done and än adjustment” cost $75 each. That first adjustment hurt and I cried out. Rocky didn’t have any issues but I left with new pains and I felt where he had pressed on my back all week. When we went Tuesday he planned to do the “lightest therapy possible” and I still cried. Not like holler but tears for sure. It’s not supposed to hurt he says.... but it really really does. I left there Tuesday with new pains.... not the same as last week....

Through those x-rays I found out I have no L5 lumbar it at some point when I was young it was “damaged” and fused to my sacrum. Now for the most part that means nothing to me except it completely explains why I sit up in the car vs. Rocky leaning back because he’s taller.

So the Chiropractor.... for Rocky 4 weeks and for me 5.... 3x a week.... Rocky is 1800 and mine 2250 or some such.... we can pay weekly/bi-weekly/monthly and make payments till it’s paid. I’m most concerned about Rocky of course and I mentioned the low end of budgeting “we will get you done and when you are at maintenance we will get me done”.... it was in front of one of the workers “we really don’t like to hear that”.... but I have to think about worst case. .... we are going to do both at once and pay weekly though.... with a nice chunk when we get back in August.

One or the other.... the Chiro or the gutters will get paid when we get back.... and the other will have a nice drop on it. Both are no interest for a year so that’s good.

This is stuff I was thinking about Sunday.... William said it’s what caused the headache.... welp.... almost appointment time. Then I have to finish the DP and make food for the weekend then dishes and type out game stuff from Monday..... then if there is anytime left in my day start some kind of cleaning.... probably laundry.

Down the rabbit hole... July 16, 2020

That's insane for a chiropractor. You should find one that takes your insurance. And my personal opinion... any chiropractor that tries to talk you into "a plan" is scamming you.

JHkerriokey Down the rabbit hole... ⋅ July 16, 2020

The deductible on our insurance for Chrio is something like 5600. So there's that..... should it really be cheaper? I've always thought them to be expensive.... and painful so none of this is a real shock.... just another bill to pay.

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