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  • July 15, 2020, 8:15 a.m.
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We got my new computer screen in and he installs it. And it dosent work. I mean it figures! FFs. So he put our sons computer screen into my laptop so i can at least get online. I cant work. Its a 2K screen. The colors are terrible. And i operate with a 4K screen for the colors and editing. So im a little bit miffed. I have some adorable photos to edit in hopes to attract some CLIENTS and i cant do anything. They will look god awful! So im still stumped. But would you like to see a cell shot of a trail we found? Of course you would lol! its lovely. No kids included.

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So we had some interesting crap. Turns out the nephews bio mother was stalking me online for photos of the boys. She has no rights to them due to her drug use. I dont know HOW she found me, considering i almost never share photos in any way publicly except on my biz page and NONE of those photos are of the nephews. In any event i blocked her and now im being more careful of making sure their faces have emogies or whatever. Their mother has tried to pick them up, despite court orders and what not. So making sure she cant follow me is a big deal too.

But we should close in 9 days on the house. Im starting to really think of all the things i can do in this big yard. The property is 1.3 acres IN town which is a huge deal. Its a small town, Means when i go to sell im sitting on a lot of money haha. Then if i landscape and fix up more inside, ill be able to sell and find something more of what i want. It is in a more deserty climate. Anyway. We will figure it out. Anyway, Here is to hoping i get ANOTHER new computer screen so i can do work.

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Jinn 6 days ago

Look at those cute babies !

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