Weki Meki: Oopsy Review in Journal 2020

  • July 13, 2020, 5:10 p.m.
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I decided to do this to try and keep my mood up by reviewing one of my fav girl groups!

I have to be honest, I feel like Oopsy is tied with Crush for my least favorite title track. I really think Dazzle Dazzle (me) should have been the title track and they’ve made better songs than Oopsy. I don’t get why I don’t care for it. It is not bad Weki Meki has not made a bad song to this day.

I just know they’ve done better and can do better. Dazzle Dazzle took a while to like fall in love with but it is the song that made me find the group. And I love them and I am incredibly happy some of the girls are getting more than 0.7% of the song. Yes, I’m throwing shade to one of my fav songs by them tiki take.

The line distribution could have been better but it’s better than nothing. And centers ohhhh the centers. Their outfits where GORGEOUS their stylist is so amazing. I feel like the clothes they where given fits the music video and performing live. They look so gorgeous I wanted to gasp.

And a concept film for this mini album? Yes, yes and yes. The theme of black, silver and orange contrasting the pinks, lavenders and kinda blue(?) of Dazzle Dazzle was amazing. Really great.

Vocals where always on point and the choreography has been really catching my attention. In some songs they had basic choreo but in the last two songs they’ve had and well the last four it’s really become close to god tier.

The quick movements, covering their mouths when they sing “oopsy” was clever. I love it.

Overall, they have better songs. But this is a new song and I’m sure I’ll fall in love with it. But I prefer Dazzle Dazzzle, Tiki Taka 99% and Picky Picky more. Woah their song titles lmao.

Anyway i hope people buy this album, the girls need more attention and sales! The music video for Oopsy hasn’t even passed 3million views and it’s been half a month.

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