Mostly Uneventful in My life....I can't make this shit up!

  • July 14, 2020, 1:54 a.m.
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Today was a mostly uneventful day. I like uneventful!!
This past weekend was mostly uneventful as well. Saturday morning was filled with errands, and Sunday was an all around lazy day. We didn’t do much of anything.
My veggie spiralizer was delivered yesterday and they sent me the wrong one. I ordered a 5 blade and received a 7. No complaints, their fault and the 7 blade cost $10 more. I made curly fries in the air fryer (would have been a zillion times better in the regular fryer!) and I also used it on a carrot to make carrot strips for salads this week, and for the dogs kibble. She goes to town with a small bit of shredded carrot in there. She won’t eat chips or baby carrots, but she will eat shreds. She’s picky.
That was about it for our weekend.
I worked from home again today and, like I said before, it was fairly uneventful. There were a few moments of “What the fucks” and “Are you fucking kidding” but all in all they were minimal for a Monday. Just means the week is going to get crazier as it goes on. The joys of Mental Health!!
We were supposed to meet some of our friends at the ice cream place tonight, but it seems like they’re going to cancel (not upset by this). They live in Arizona now and, well, we’ve all just grown apart. **Current update Brian just said they rescheduled to tomorrow night at 8. I’m usually in bed by then!

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