A Moving Mindset in These Foolish Things

  • July 12, 2020, 3:09 p.m.
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Living Situation: Every day it seems I walk through slightly different areas of [my city] and sometimes a bit beyond just looking for neighborhoods and spots that might work for a move. I have to consider several things: safety (the main thing), location to work and doggy daycare and other things, places to walk, convenience to get to my parents, etc. etc. I keep ending up at this cute little park in a neighborhood very close to where I live but outside of the city center where I feel the danger lies. I found a condo for rent in a building where my friend Matt’s boyfriend lives (yes, the one who had Covid). I ran into him today while we were both walking our dogs and told him about the place. He told me to grab it as fast as I can because units in his building don’t last for long. I reached out to the agent yesterday but I know they are closed today (Sunday) so I hope it’s still available. He’s gotten me all excited about the place. I think it would be nice.

Alternative Places: There are other places, sure. And I do have some time. And to be quite honest, nothing is really sending me the absolute JOY vibes. Because I’m moving out of fear and dismay, and that’s what’s so upsetting about the whole thing. I’m talking myself into the fact that I need to move to get myself in a new mindset, but the bottom line is, I’m afraid to walk out of my building on the street level because someone fucking attacked me a few steps away from my living space. There is an area that I’m fascinated with that’s about 20 minutes outside of the city center. This place would put me in a brand new headspace. Well, not entirely brand new - I lived near this neighborhood about 15 years ago. But this particular area was built around this stunningly beautiful park and it would be a whole new change of scenery. I like the idea of it on the one hand, but it would also take me out of the city altogether (would that be a bad thing?), it would increase my commute (when I have my commute back), and I would have to change Martini’s daycare situation. Not all bad things, but…

Expense: Just thinking about the expense of moving is super annoying. I don’t even want to write about it right now.

Lawsuit: My friend NORT - the attorney who broke his lease in my building for various other reasons told me that while I can’t get out of the exorbitant expense of breaking the lease here because the assault didn’t happen on property, he told me that I could probably get reimbursed for my expenses by the property where my assault took place. This property employs multiple security personnel on a 24/7 basis, and when I talked to them about checking their security cameras for me, the security told me that they’d “heard” about the incident…but never did anything about it. Nor did they ever get back to me like they said they would. Long story short, NORT sent a very assertive letter to the business telling them that they must review their security cameras and save the footage. I don’t know how this is gonna end up, but NORT seems to feel like they will pay my expenses. We’ll see.

Preparations: Meanwhile, I have a lot to do to prepare for a move. In addition to getting in the right frame of mind, I need to get my ducks in a row, starting with lightening the load. I’ve lived in this apartment for 8+ years. I came here with practically nothing. Since then, I’ve gotten all of my stuff out of storage (from after the move-in with SexyPants) and put it in storage here in this building. I should NOT have a storage space! It is a waste of precious dollars! Oh, and that also has me thinking. You know, I moved here in a state of desperation. You know? I moved out of SexyPant’s place so quickly and just needed a place to live immediately, so my old bud CC helped me find this place. This was NEVER meant to be a long-term situation. I was going to move here until I found my next partner and we made a plan together. Hahah. The joke’s on me! I honestly think that this place may have bad juju. The feng shui is all wrong here. I was never meant to be here so long. It’s long past time to go.

Let’s get a MOVE ON!

The Thirsty Oriental July 12, 2020

Good luck getting everything together! Moving is such a pain in the foreskin...

Florentine July 12, 2020

I don’t know, I quite like the idea of the park location 20 min from the city center for you. That’s kind of my situation and I love having the best of both worlds. It feels so beautiful and safe and relaxing where I live, but getting to exciting city places is still a snap. I feel like it might do you a world of good to have a big change. Invite in that new opportunity!

Complicated Disaster July 12, 2020

Exciting times!! xx

bobbi01 July 12, 2020

I agree with the others. You have been itching for a work change, but maybe this change needs to happen first. Let's do this!

permanent daylight July 12, 2020

I am really really cheering for you and for your move to happen. Not JUST because we are in the same position, needing to get out of a city that's in decline, but because - well, you deserve better than this. You are such a plus for the world. I hope you and the pup are in a safer happier place soon. :)

Ginger Snap permanent daylight ⋅ July 12, 2020

Oh my gosh, that is just about the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me. Thank you. Sincerely. I honestly have been feeling very, very down about myself and the state of the world recently and to read that absolutely helped in ways you can't imagine.

permanent daylight Ginger Snap ⋅ July 12, 2020

Well hey, it's true. I'm sure all your other huge fans here would agree!

We're all having a rough year, but better times are ahead :)

Marg permanent daylight ⋅ July 13, 2020

Absolutely do agree!

plushcreep July 12, 2020

Sounds like you're more than ready to move on. Good luck and I hope something sparks your joy soon!

Marg July 13, 2020

I’m liking the sound of the area by the park - sounds like you’d have the best of both worlds there. NORT had a great idea - I would have never thought of that but it’s true - if they were doing their jobs properly that attack should never have happened.

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