july 1 in idea barrages

  • June 30, 2020, 8:46 p.m.
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  1. The fact that “Tammy 2” is trending and it’s not about a Tammy And The T-Rex 2 is national tragedy.

  2. A collection of crudely-sketched cartoons of R.E.M. called Animatic For The People.

  3. He loved the philosophy class so much that it superseded his gambling addiction. Finally, he put Decartes before the horse.

  4. Antonio could’ve given Shylock, like, a bag of four years of dandruff.

  5. Quarantine is just fame and fortune without the luxury or lack of want. Loneliness, lack of meaningful connection with anyone but your most trusted and most dependent, afraid of exploitation or infection.

  6. Stuff yourselves with bathroom cleansers, the Pretender screams into the void, let them eat urinal cakes!

  7. The hard truth is, a plurality of the American electorate are bitter occluded hate machines that want to see everyone else dead. United in sane compromise against them, they lose. When we’re split by unrealistic expectations, they always win.

  8. A fundamental role of government needs be protecting us against the excesses of religion and commerce. A small business, a little community church can do wonders but once they get big enough to become exploitative money machines, government should be there to just choke them out.

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