The Only Time I Leave in meh...

  • June 29, 2020, 10:02 p.m.
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…is when I have to pee…or running out to lunch.

So I stay holed up in my office with the door closed. Because of the few that come in to the office in my building, I don’t trust none of them.

Well…I got a call fro. One of the managers. Someone that remained nameless tested positive for COVID. They hadn’t been down on the other end in 9 days and he was uncertain if they were in my building at all.

I was just having a conversation with one if them from upstairs about masks and handwashing and people are gross and she’s all masks don’t work and I want herd immunity. I give her shit like all the time and she will say something I said makes sense and that doesn’t help her cause. Lol

Oh well. I wonder how this is going go play out as well as who it is. But KC didn’t tell me. I think I need to know who it is. So I can sure I wasn’t in contact for real.

Oh well…take care and be safe…

Kindest regards,

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