Harajuku in Journal 2020

  • June 30, 2020, 6:11 a.m.
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I watched this short documentary on the “dark side” of harajuku and I really liked it. I was suprised I avoided watching it for so long it was really good.

Anyways I had someone flag or something my reddit account due to my posts, having reddit check on me. It’s super erratic…I like to use reddit as a diary.

The breakup still hurts, I couldn’t even play dnd anymore because he was there and I just…meh. it’s over with, anyway I controlled my cravings no snacking and sweets todsy.

A day last week I had candy and donuts as like breakfast and lunch. Crazy right? Sugar actually makes me get rashes and break out so I have to be careful.

I ate a popsicle for breakfast, it wasnt to good so I like sucked the flavour out of the ice mostly. A chicken burrito with oy cheese for lunch and a tiny plastic square continue of lays wavy chips.

I’m good for now despite watching a shit ton of harajuku street videos.

OH YEAH I WENT TO A JOB INTERVIEW but I was too young so it sucked. But atleast i went.

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