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  • June 29, 2020, 9:10 a.m.
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Nothing broken today that I know of. lol

I’m here at work. Phones are quiet. But now that I say that, I wonder what type of fresh hell will break loose.

Got home from the Urgent Care with son last night around 10:30ish. They said his heart and blood pressure is fine. They gave him some guidelines to reduce milk and cheese dairy from his diet. We love us some cheese, but I will change to help him. I will switch to Lactaid or one of the various plant milks available. I use to use almond milk for a time, but then I didn’t like it so much because it was rather thick. Soy milk never sounded good to me. I knew someone that drank soy milk and being in close quarters with him while he drank it is what sealed the deal exclusively to turn me off of it. LOL (Good old, Warren. Was glad to see him with his teeth fixed when Former Boss retired.) Anyway, they gave him a prescription for a muscle relaxer for some other issues he’s been having. Otherwise, I guess we have to monitor his intake of certain things until he gets to his appointment.

He is always as concerned about me as I am about him. Urgent Care costs $50 with insurance. So I paid $50. He was saying thank you. I’m like for what? You’re my son. When I was concerned about how he was feeling, I was my usual “strong on the outside, falling apart on the inside” self. I think I started welling up in the eyes when we were at home, but after that, I was steeled. We dropped Bubby off. My daughter asked what we were doing, I told her that I was taking her brother to Urgent Care. Afterward, he kept saying he was sorry. I said, “…the f you sorry for?? You are my son. I do for you because it is my duty, but also because I love you. Your sister gets on my last nerve and will bleed me dry, but I’d do it for her too. Nothing for you to be sorry about. You feel some kind of way, I take you to the doctor. Fuck a $50. I will get another $50. I can’t get another son.” Then we searched unsuccessfully for something to eat which is why we got home around 10:30 ish. Like what the hell and why the hell is every fast food place always so crowded? Everyone is not getting stoned. Bars and clubs have reopened and sending drunk asses home drunk. Or there are legitimately people like me, but we are far and few in between. LOL

One of my coworkers/team mates wrote a message to our bosses and the managers about some new things that were implemented and blind copied the leads on it. She had some concerns and she had some solutions. I like that in a person. I told her that I personally thought we were doing too much too soon and she said that’s what prompted her email.

I just ended a phone call with my aunt (dad’s sister). I just completed an order and my machine isn’t broken. LOL I said “Thank you Lord!” and the lady laugh.

This morning is good.
God is good.

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