M'Day in Reconstruction

  • June 28, 2020, 1:53 a.m.
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So… my day didn’t start out so hot. Basically… I woke up and figured my day was going to be drinking, jacking off, walking Nala, Anime, and video games. But at 2:00, Victoria invited me over. I figured… whatever, better than staying home. So I went over and helped her watch her kids and do some handiwork around the house. Her husband Remus was at a “play party.” Around 6, she went to feed her kids and I went to eat dinner and walk Nala. Afterwards, I returned to her place with Nala. Victoria mentioned how I was a good Dog Dad because I brought a water bowl, two water bottles, and a chew toy for if Nala got anxious. We drank and talked a bunch. She said that she is now fully aware of what her type is (of which I am a part). Apparently, according to her, she is super into “solid sixes or sevens with great personalities and amazing hearts” so… that’s a thing. Though, she did say something particularly interesting considering my therapy yesterday. She mentioned how during the play, I always made room for other people, apologized for my existence, and ultimately acted like I was unimportant. At the time, she thought I was just making sure not to intimidate the other actors. I have been in movies and recieved a scholarship to college for acting. But as she got to know me, she realized that is who I am. Apologizing for my existence, making sure to excuse myself for existing, not allowing myself to take up space… and it pissed her off, lol. Because she thinks I don’t need to apologize for myself or take up as little space as possible. So that’s something.

stargazing June 28, 2020

She’s right. You don’t. Glad you could hang out with her today.

hippiechica15 June 28, 2020

Victoria is right! Glad you got to hang out with her, and that Nala could go with you.

Purple Dawn June 28, 2020

Sounds like a good day :)

DE_KentuckyGirl June 28, 2020

Well, she's right.

One exercise that has helped me be more conscious of saying "I'm sorry" when it's not needed is to reform my language. Find a way to say thank you, or apologize without using in sorry. Instead of "I'm sorry I'm late." For instance, you may say "thank you so much for waiting on me! I got stuck in traffic."

Google "Instead of I'm sorry, say..."

Maybe a first step? :)

Pretend Mulling DE_KentuckyGirl ⋅ June 28, 2020

Solid advice!

Always Laughing July 03, 2020

I agree with her.

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