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  • June 27, 2020, 12:50 p.m.
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I usually write way earlier in the morning than.... well it’s 12:40 now. My days are so off schedule.... or I should say the new schedule has me doing stuff up till about noon. It’s playing video games and listing stuff mostly. I will go more back to doing stuff online next week.

We go back this weekend.

I want to tell you about what’s gone on with T and Shelby but I also need to write out the game session and being as I promised that earlier this week I should probably prioritize.

Other than that.... Rocky and I are going to a Chiropractor on Tuesday. My hip is too much and he’s still complaining about his arm. I’ve been taking a walk for 15 mins every morning and it feels better for awhile.... but it catches me off guard occasionally and it’s so frustrating.

I did tell you guys I had breakfast with Krystal this week right? I don’t remember. I told her about Shelby and she (K) told me to pass on her info being as Krystal and her playmate are running the Munch group. It’s a BDSM thing and Krystal wants Shelby to know it’s not at all like she’s experienced.

Well, the rest of that is really for the other entry....
let me find that notebook

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