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  • June 26, 2020, 9:44 p.m.
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  1. Make Wal-Mart and Amazon pay their fair share of taxes, we can do another stimulus, go to Mars, cancel all student and medical debt and, hell, we can even build a couple next battleships for you right-wingers too, as a little treat.

  2. If you spent the lockdown just listening to mediocre hair-metal ballads, you’re under Warrantine.

  3. Your Motley Crue parody about Minnesota will be called “Home Swede Home”. Oh GOD will it be terrible.

  4. If Americans didn’t have access to weapons of war to fuel threats of violent revolt, on both sides, to reinforce their stridency, we’d have to come together & compromise to repair society. Our gun culture props our extremisms up. Guillotine LARPers, militia LARPers, same problem.

  5. Cancelling a party primary when there’s only one candidate running… I don’t get how that’s a big conspiracy thing. There’s only one person running for the nomination and there’s more important issues for government right now than facilitating protest votes signifying nothing.

  6. The continuing denial that Sanders is dead as a national candidate, for over four years ago now, it’s kind of astonishing. It’s become the American far-left’s ridiculous impossible Lost Cause to reflect the far-right’s The South Will Rise Again mumbo-jumbo. Horseshoe theory, I s’pose.

  7. More than anything, what I hate about the political climate is we’re not “allowed” to both have high minded ideals & also be realistic about how quickly/forcefully they can be achieved. We’re traitors to “the cause” if we’re honest about how the democratic process actually works.

  8. The least successful pirate captain led an all-incel crew that mutinied after three days when they ran out of Mountain Dew, so went the short career of Neckbeard The Pirate.

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