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  • June 25, 2020, 6:13 p.m.
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So nothing was broken today. However, today’s theme was “Can I Just Get…?”
The answer is no.

This woman called and did some tap dancing with her words. Then tried to lie about how I treated her and then back peddled what she said. I offered to transfer her to my supervisor, which she declined, then said she would probably just send an email. I will copy what I sent to my boss. One moment please…The stuff in parenthesis is from me to you, the reader.

“She called earlier today, sometime after 10 wanting a ticket to the (other location) since she was on the parking lot. I went through the steps, but the only ticket that was available was for 11a. After I told her this, she said, “I can’t sit in my car for 45 minutes. Never mind. That’s disappointing.”
I came back from lunch to hear this message. In the message, she goes on to say that I wasn’t flexible. (this part was actually said when she spun her story when I called her back)
I call her back and she goes into her story again (she mentions the words “flexible” and “customer service” Oh bitch). So I tell her that I was the one she spoke with and if the earlier time was still available, I would have given it to her. It wasn’t because it was a hard line “No you can’t have it,” but the time was not there on the list and the next available was right then. I told her after so much time had passed, the time was not available to be chosen anymore. She then walked back her statement to say that it wasn’t me but to say she was disappointed in the system. (Are you sure, ma’am? Because I can almost swear that you mentioned my ‘customer service and inability to be flexible’ BE-FUCKIN-FOR you realized you were speaking to the person you were talking about. Oh bitch.)
Keep in mind, when I first talked to her, she made it seem as if SNR was a pit stop on the way to or from a destination.
When I returned her call, she said that she had driven specifically to visit, only to be told she couldn’t.”

My boss responded “RIDICULOUS!! You know I’m with you ALL the way!!” Were it any other boss, my input would not even be consulted and they would be all over me trying to make me watch my P’s and Q’s which were already watched when the conversation got started.

And later on, a member was trying to get an additional ticket where there were no additional tickets available. I told her, you can’t get 2 because their is only one. Now, I can bump your tickets to 12 to accommodate the whole group, but that’s about all I can do. She thought there was another ticket in my back pocket or something to add to the one. Then she tried to throw out the whole, “Well I’m a member…” Bitch, you are at the basic membership level. It would be different if you were at an Associates level. They give BIG dollars and we would bend over backwards for them. But you???? Maaaaan fuck that shit. As an honorary member, my membership is higher than yours so don’t come at me like that. But you know what?? I’m going to go ahead and get you into the voicemail of the person who can add a ticket and she won’t do it because we have a capacity level to uphold at this time. You know because PAN-FUCKIN-DEMIC.

This was not so much a bad calling day as it could have been. I’m just so over people and their bullshit. I really am. This pandemic has brought out the true colors of a lot of people. I’m not going to say it brought out the worst because if they can act like this, it was already in them. I’m going to quote myself and put it on Facebook since people like that kind of shit. Oh look. My cousin just liked it first. LOL

Other than that, I cheated by eating some Lee’s Chicken today for lunch. I had some chicken strips. OOH WAIT! Today is Thursday which means tomorrow is Friday. Thank you Jesus for Friday. And it’s payday. I’m going to do all my vegetarian shopping this weekend. Not too much pasta or rice. I really don’t know what to buy. Not doing bitter melon again. I tried and I’m only glad it cost like $2 and some change or I’d be pissed. I’ve decided I don’t want to be a junk food vegan/vegetarian by eating fake meats all the time. The soy and gluten build up…I can’t take all that all the time. I need to also find another vegan mayo too. Hellmen’s/Best Foods taste like every oil you can imagine. I mean, like at least with regular mayo, you can taste lemon or vinegar and a little salt or something. it’s FLAVORED. You taste very little acid to balance that oil flavor that’s so prominent. I tend to add the juice from olives to it and other seasonings to make it better. I noticed I wasn’t very fond of it when I made some “tarter sauce” and I was adding a whole lot to it to give it that something because something was missing.

At any rate, going home to see what I can muster up for dinner for us tonight. Maybe some pan fried zucchini fritters. I love my egg replacer. I really do. I made a cake with it and it was amazing. I was very shocked at the way it turned out.

Ok. Now I’m done. Take care turkeys. just kidding. you’re not turkeys.

kindest regards,

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