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  • June 24, 2020, 5:20 p.m.
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The whirlwind that was my birthday arrived and departed with no real fan fare. Not the well wishes and such. Those were amazing. But my day sucked. LOL I spent time with my grandboys after work and the oldest cried because he couldn’t hang out just yet. I had to get him calmed down before I left. Little baby saw I was trying to leave and he took me by the hand, led me down the hall and said, “No, no. You sit down. You not go anywhere.” LOL My babies love me. I don’t know what else to say.

Working yesterday, I realized that my node aka cash machine did not accept payments. This was frustrating because the website was bonking out too. Then the website got fixed and then people wanted complicated orders that were not possible so I would have to do two.

Same thing happened today. Another same thing that happened was that I was the only person logged in to the ticketing line for a time. Oh look, I have a partner now. But what good does that do when no one is calling? I need you bastids during peak effin hours.

I told my supervisor about it and she was mad and had some stuff to vent about herself. It was on the record, off the record and I understand how she feels. We are black women handling a whole lot of shit and these people around us are just…kicking it. We actually care about what we have to do. Our names and reputations are on the line here.

I had to snitch on a visitor today, but at that point I no longer cared. lol I saw her when I was going to the restroom. she was walking across the grass acting as if she was taking a picture of the building. There are clear guides and ropes up for where they can walk and go to. So I went back to my desk and finished my day of frustration. I go to lunch and when I round the corner, I see feet with no shoes and it’s the same chick. Red sweater, blue dress. I didn’t say anything because people like to argue and my time is precious because all I have is 30 minutes for lunch. Fuck all that. I thought, nah, I’ll leave her alone. Then I thought about it. We got partitions and stuff up to keep people from going this far. She didn’t have her mask on. She thought she was just going to chill. No sis. That’s not happening. So I called Security from the car and talked to BQ and he said he would send Syd up.

I’m over our members and the guest. You want to come during a pandemic, then get mad when you have restrictions because we’re in a pandemic. GET. YOUR. FUCKIN. MIND. RIGHT. Dumbasses.

My son is concerned about his health. I’m concerned about him. He never complains about stuff and that is what bothers me. I had him call the doctor to see if there were any cancellations where he can get in sooner. There were not. In the meantime, I’m going to try to change up our diet a bit. I had just decided that I don’t want to be a junk food vegan, but I don’t want to just have the same old shit. I had one idea for dinner tonight, but I think I will do that jackfruit tacos tonight. The ripe jackfruit made his mouth react. Mine too a little bit. I have the same reaction to pineapple. I can eat it and it’s good, but I can only eat so much of them. But it is good. It smells like banana pineapple booty. LOL It tastes a little like pineapple. It’s good though. I’m collecting the seeds so I can cook those too, since they’re supposed to be cookable. I’m gonna have to do all of my shopping at international markets now. I need to buy a rice cooker. I’d rather buy a house and someone get the rice cooker for me. lol They have fruits and stuff I’m looking for. Too bad those oysters looked bad. They were like a dollar and something a piece. I’m not playing those kind of games with people.

Anyway…nothing much else going on with me. My uterus keeps doing things monthly that I don’t approve of. Guess it doesn’t matter what I want huh? Such is life.

Now, let me go look at houses again.
Take care.

Kindest regards,

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