Emotional Scream: Twitter Sized in Reconstruction

  • June 24, 2020, 10:41 a.m.
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There is a County Government Leader in my office right now. This is one of the guys that directs our county. Has a position of power. Has influence.


He just said, proudly, laughing “I refuse to wear a mask.” While he and my boss joke about how all the COVID death numbers are being inflated… he actually said, “Guy gets shot 17 times, death certificate says COVID.”

And now they’re discussing how because of COVID response this is 1984. WHAT?! Seriously… that’s what is hilarious and tragic as hell to me. Everybody thinks that THEY are the victims of the 1984 “Oppressive Government.”

But lets break this down Trumpeters.

1984 is about an oppressive regime that tells people to deny what they see and hear, attempts to control everyone through authoritarian means, declares anything NOT supported by their views is fake and dangerous, believes that The Leader can do whatever he wants… does this sound like the CDC trying to control you in order to stop spreading a deadly pandemic???? Or does that shit sound like Trump… who has openly said “Not to believe what you see and hear”… who constantly declares that his made-up reality is the real reality even when facts and science disagree… who declares EVERY news media that doesn’t do as he says “Fake News” even Fox News when they report facts… I just… I… I was going to write a think piece this afternoon anyway but shit like this just.... brings it right the fuck home!

Mamie June 24, 2020

that guy sounds like a moron

hippiechica15 June 24, 2020

It boggles my mind that they swallow this man transparently lying yet it's the CDC who is invoking 1984...methinks they haven't actually read the book...

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