An offer in Bittersweet

  • June 23, 2020, 6:55 p.m.
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We are putting in an offer tonight on a house we viewed today. Its a bit small, but has a huge shed and a fenced yard. Its 1.3 acres and a third is fenced. So it will be good for the dogs and critters, Buns can go in the shed. But its finished and beautiful. We heard it had a showing after we left. So im hoping our realtor gets our offer in first and they accept.
If not, we have somewhat of a backup. There are two new constructions on an acre. No fence. But same price. BUt they are being built. I would have to shell out 10K for a fence and shed. But it would have a garage and the one we are offering on dosent. So its an option. Buns in the garage. Same size house. Offering house is 3 bedroom with a bonus room ill use as a room for kids, But wont have a door and cant be installed because the doors to the kids rooms is in that room. New construction is 4 bedroom 2 bath. And would be brand new everything. So less inspections haha.

Lots of pros and cons. So fingers crossed for some good news!

girl in recession June 23, 2020

Fingers crossed for y'all!

Jinn July 01, 2020

Sounds good !

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