The great house hunt in Bittersweet

  • June 22, 2020, 9:37 p.m.
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Anyone who has ever looked at a house knows how fun. Um SHITTY this is. Holy crap. Not only is my city one of the fastest growing in the nation according to some census report crap online. But its SUPER competitive. And after seeing ONE house i get it. The yard was good. the house was in dire need of updating and was small. The kitchen was un usable for a family of 7. But then wait. We go home to decide if we want to offer seeing the realtor told us its a good value, and my neighbor listed their house for sale ( starting at 50K above our budget for smaller then my parents place) and theirs sold THAT DAY for 40K over their asking. So its safe to say its HARD to get a house here.
So the realtor suggested the city about 30 minutes south. Still within driving to my husbands work. Anyway we found two places, one is 50K under our budget, the other is on target. The one under has a nice house, needs a bit of updating, a garage and carport. NO fence and 1 acre. The other one has a excellent house ( only 3 bedrooms but we can make it work too) 1.3 acres AND its fenced with a shed with storage loft. So my bunnies can be in a shed ( with ac!) and the dogs can run on 1.3 acres! But its right ON budget. We are going to see both tomorrow. Im kinda set on the fenced one, even though its 50K more. I dont know if there is any haggle room. There is NO haggling in this city. You bid over and pray you are the highest bidder! Ill just have to landscape slowly… We have the sun sails over the rabbits now, and can use those as shade till we get some trees planted. Its going to be a TIGHT few months, unless i can start making some money. Which would be you know… Fab.
Someone want to buy some yarn? lol.

Anyway my part for my spinning wheel still isnt in and im crying. Tour de fleece starts this weekend and at this point im thinking its lost in transit like the other half of my yarn package. I know its a risk because the issues with the dever post office being closed down for covid. I never got half my fiber package, and she said she sent two parcels, I never got half. I asked and asked and i guess im giving up. Its been over two months. First she said it got lost. Then her dad got sick, and then she finally sent it, then she said half got lost and nothing. Its a total disappointment. I would have ordered regularly if this crap hadnt happened. Its been so many excuses, I guess… i just call it good you know. Take the loss. I dont know. Im bummed hard.

My mom said seeing shes moving and buying a camper, there is a lot of her furniture that i can have. Its older. So like the couch, the kitchen table, the ( 6) book shelves. Maybe the desk. The kids beds she got them. Then i have the stand alone closet/entertainment center im using for a closet in my room and my bed. Some plastic drawers for everyones dressers ect. I do have a set of 6 bowls and plates haha. I need dishes cookware and cups next! And hangers omg, i need hangers. It seems so simple, starting over. Till you are faced with buying a house and having the clothes you wear and some hobbies haha.
Ill need a few desks and coffee tables for the kids to do school on. Its going to be so tight for a few months.... Christmas may REALLY suck for the kids. But after christmas things will get better… We can get a kitten, we can have chickens.... Things can get better. just need to find a job and work somehow! Clients would be best… Im good at my job… Clients are just hard to find. I need to do some marketing classes or something…

my brain is vomiting. My head is hurting. Ahh… Its ok.... Ill get this figured out. If not this house, then one soon.

girl in recession June 23, 2020

Wow that does sound really stressful. I was just telling bf today how relieved I am that we signed a lease. The whole searching process was mentally killing me and I didnt even realize it until we were both balls of anxiety.

I'll buy some yarn from you!! Where do I go to buy it?? I'm not very good at knitting but I should pick up another hobby 😂

ChainedChrysalis girl in recession ⋅ June 23, 2020

Ill start listing it! Ive got all sorts. From alpaca, to angora to wools.

We are going to make an offer on the house we saw today, a tiny bit tight for us, BUT its finished and beautiful and 1.3 acres with a fence around a third of it and a shed for my bunnies. In a livestock area so maybe we can get some alpacas later on too.

girl in recession ChainedChrysalis ⋅ June 23, 2020

awesome 💜

Jinn July 01, 2020

I am so behind . I have to read backwards to find out when you decided to move !

ChainedChrysalis Jinn ⋅ July 11, 2020

Im when stuff started getting really stressful with my parents. About a month ago. We fdound a place and close in two weeks.

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