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  • June 22, 2020, 11:01 p.m.
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Our phone system at the office has been reworked. I have the regular incoming line and I have one hotline line for ticketing purposes.

I have to log into my phone every morning. When I log in, I am able to put the ticketing line to sleep by pressing the “Make Busy” button, but my regular line is active. The “Queue Status” button shows how many people are logged in to the ticketing line, how many calls are on hold, how long the longest time someone was holding for.


I don’t know if I complained here that I think I’m the only one answering the phone, despite being told there are multiple people who allegedly answer the phone. Like maybe 10 supposedly. The thing I figured out was that no one but me had been answering the phones basically for 2 days that I caught. Occasionally on Thursday, someone popped in and out at the end of the day, but mostly it was all me. And Friday, It was just me.

I put some distance between me and this situation. I’m still going to talk to my boss about it, but I am monitoring how many people are on the line. Ooo, look. We’re up to 3 now…When we’ve been at 1 and 2 all damn day. ::rolls eyes::

Yesterday was father’s day. Went to see dad. Talked to mom and sent messages to various other relatives. Came home. Made veggie pasta and chicken and drank most…damn…that whole bottle of sangria mixed with the rest of my gin.

I called my grandbabies. I’m going to see them after work after I stop by the park and pick up a card from my sister in law. I miss my babies. I can also sit down with my daughter and fill out this school packet for Bubby Sr’s new school year.

In other news, the gathering wasn’t so bad. Cousin that wasn’t invited called me when I got home. She found out about it because her parents were going and my uncle’s ex wife (who we still consider an aunt) wanted to come and see the family. She’s always around my uncle and the new aunt (not so new. she’s been around since I was a little one) so that was nothing. So, cousin called me in a conf call with old aunt. Aunt was telling cousin to stop with the mess, we’re family. I don’t want to do nothing, but come in and come out and see my family. I told cousin the truth that her lack of invitation was intentional (I said those words, sugar coated, yet the point and the truth) . Aunt wasn’t feeling it. I said I didn’t care. I would pick aunt up, but Aunt was like no, Cousin is picking me up and we can both dip in and dip out and that’s that. Ok. Final words. Okay, Meet you there.

I get to the spot. I’m there for a little bit when I get a text from Cousin: “I think I’ve been tricked again.” I’m like what are you talking about? She said that I wasn’t there and that I said I’d pick up Aunt. I told her, she bullied you into coming to get her so that you both can come to this party. You were each other’s reason to leave early. I didn’t feel bad. I only started feeling some kind of way when showed up and stayed. I said to Cousin’s mother, So much for staying in the car. However, there was no drama. Other than the stark realization, of which I’ve already known, my mother’s family is full of homophobes and chauvinists who can’t tell-scratch that-who don’t want to belive that R.Kelly’s music is written about little girls. And the victims knew what was going down with Bill Cosby. Free them both. I hate them all. LOL

And today is my little sister’s birthday. Oh and mine too. But it doesn’t mean much because I’m at work. LOL I haven’t really thought about it much. A cousin kind of felt bad I felt this way, but it’s like, you know. Pandemic and shit. And if the pandemic wasn’t around, I’d still not have anything. I guess people feel like they don’t know me enough to plan something for me. Meh. it’s whatever. But I’ve been receiving lots of messages and one of my peeps even Cash apped me $25. Ask and yeeee shall receive. LOL

Otherwise, not much going on. Waiting for one cousin to meet me at the gig. I’m about to go use it and then that’s that.

Take care everyone.
My love to you all.

Kindest regards,

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