Freakin' Exhausting in My life....I can't make this shit up!

  • June 19, 2020, 10:04 a.m.
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Today was freakin’ exhausting! I went in early so I could get work done before my case managers got to work and started calling me non-stop. Well, that didn’t work very well. I got in, had my breakfast, and the first phone call I got before 8AM was from an Adult Protective Investigator saying someone had called Department of Children and Families that the home owner was not caring for the clients. This is not how I wanted to start the day! I start doing some work and my phone starts ringing. From 7:45 to 11:30 I had one of my three phones to my ear. I talked to 8 people before 10AM! Thankfully I was able to put out most of the fires. Even though I spend most of the day at the desk, work is mentally exhausting. I work in Mental Health. I’m the assistant program manager of the case managers in the county for my agency. We have 25 folks on our team, so a lot of them call to staff cases and talk about their concerns and questions.
The highlight of my day was the drug rep lunch. They brought in Tiajuana Flatts.
After work I had to drive to the other office to meet my boss. We completed my evaluation and she told me that she requested a raise of me. Since our team has recently been merged with another and doubled (which is why we now have 25) we have been extremely loaded with work. The previous program manager did not do half of what she was supposed to and the case managers did not get the proper training. There’s a lot we’ve had to fix in just the past two weeks. But it’s nice knowing I’ve been recommended for a raise. It makes it a little more worth while. She told me how she thinks I’m invaluable and would be lost without me. This I’ve known. Luckily we’ve had a (fairly) good relationship since I started in this position.
After the evaluation meeting we had to continue training with a new transfer. Training is so exhausting. For both the trainer and trainee.
I’ve been in this position for two years and what I’ve learned has been invaluable to my career. My agency is more than a million dollars in debt, so I really really hope that administration can fix what the two previous CEO’s royally fuckered up. I’d like to keep my job and continue to stay with the agency.
We’re having a low key night at home. Brian’s not feeling so well so he doesn’t want to eat. I’m not feeling like cooking so (thankfully) we have an independent tweenager who decided to make himself some mac and cheese and cup a noodles. That’s the thing about parenting, not every day is has to be perfect. Some evenings we all get to cook dinner together, talk about our day, and have family time. Other days we all just gotta do our own thing.
I do think I’m doing a pretty good job raising this kid though. He’s polite, he’s friendly, he’s intelligent, and he’s becoming very independent. He loves to learn. Ask him anything about mechanics on cars and he’ll tell you about it. He’s great at fixing things too! Such a great kid!
I keep saying one of us aren’t going to make it through his teen years. He’s a smartass. He’s sarcastic. He’s sassy. He’s 12! And I’m one damn lucky mama!
So, tonight, it was chicken noodle soup for me and just an all around lazy night for all of us. Guess I’ll go pick up one of the three books I’ve been reading.

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