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  • June 18, 2020, 10:07 p.m.
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Work has worked my last nerve.
I’m sick of these people who treat me like a work horse. I need a mental break from these jackasses calling all day long too. Whores.

Anyway, I just figured out some stuff today that has really pissed me off and I’m trying to find a way to address it. I’m tired of coming to work every morning and something doesn’t work. It throws my day into a chaotic mess and I go home, sit in the dark and drink it away and hope that other asshole next door doesn’t play his tv or music loud.

My cousin is having a gathering since my brother is here. Gonna be all the cousins and uncles. One cousin isn’t invited because of a difference of opinion with this cousin and her brother. Uncle that has been giving me shit about my son working in a pandemic is going to be there. It’s just a big ol’ bowl of toxic soup and I just really want to drop my brother’s father’s day cards off and leave. I really do. I don’t want to go. LOL I was down at first, then I thought about the guest list. Last time I didn’t show up for something regarding her, she went off on me and stopped communicating with me. I didn’t care one bit though. LOL

The state may be opening up visitations for nursing homes soon and I can’t wait. It will make all those damn trips I’ve taken out to drop stuff off to my mom worth it. I talked to her today. she told me yesterday they did xrays to see if she had pneumonia again. I don’t know what this is, but I don’t like it at all. But these people seem to take care of her way better than the last people.

I’m in such a state. The only thing I’m concerning myself with is finding a grind so that I can make $25k by next end of June. I want to have a deposit on a new lease or purchase a new car and I want to have a down payment on a house. I’m done playing around. I don’t want to do what other people want me to do. I’ll listen to suggestions, but if it doesn’t sit or fit with me, I’m not wasting the time.

I have a deadline. I have a vision, now it’s time to pull together some kind of plan to get me to my end goal. That’s a lot of money for one year…Fuuuuuuuck....

But I can do all things through Christ. Just pardon the fact that I said the F-word up there.

Ok. I’m 7 minutes over. Holla at you tomorrow and let you know what I did. LOL

Take care.
I love you all.

Kindest regards,

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