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  • June 17, 2020, 4:12 p.m.
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So we’d decided to go to McKay’s. Our luckiest trip ever for D&D I think. We ended up with 2 players handbooks for 3.0 and one for 3.5..... all we need now is a players hand for 5 and we will have 2 of each. it’s great news because now the table will have 3 Handbooks for spells and upgrades and questions. I’m pretty happy about it!

T messaged saying he was going to the shop where he buys figures and messaged again when he’d spent $140 buck!.... said he was excited that we were “getting him back into gaming”.... I honestly think he’s nuts for spending that much on figures!

I’d sent him the back story right before we left and haven’t heard back about it. However, in group chat T had a complaint saying we chatter too much and that he’d like to see us play more. He said that at one point he’d looked up and 3 of us were on our phones. That is for sure not true for me as I haven’t touched my phone anytime we’ve been playing. I then suddenly recall last night I was looking for diamond painting pictures to show Shelby .... so I guess that’s a lie but it’s not like I wasn’t still paying attention. So I’m not really sure what the problem was. Which reminds me to take photos and send them to her.

i messaged back (in group) that not knowing people outside of the game I do have a tendency to socialize. That I would try to cut back because I understand we have limited game time. He said that’s why he suggested hanging out not during game play so we could get to know each other..... in all honesty the only one I want to hang out with is the one that doesn’t have time for it. Which I may message her about after the diamond paintings when I know she’s not at work this afternoon.

Just after I typed that she responded to the group chat and I texted her eyes off. Send a picture of all the DP’s in my house right now and how I felt insulted at the “no chatter” junk. Let her know that honestly she’s the only one I’d want to socialize with but I know she’s busy a lot. Her and her mother are working on a large custom DP of her sister’s beloved but deceased dog. I just dropped in there that if they get close to to the time she wants to have it done by but aren’t close I’d be glad to come help. I love diamond painting. Also, I think in a bit we will be having a phone conversation about my backstory for my D&D chick. In the story we are playing now her character would probably know most of it as she has stated we would know each other. Katrixa having lived in the woods the last 10 years and Challa being a Druid. We have to discuss how well we know each other. I guess that’s it for now.

That’s 4 entries in a day but you know you (whoever is reading and would like to continue to do so) won’t hear anything for at least a few days.... plenty of time for digestion. ....

OH! Sammy and Rocky worked out going out for Lunch on Thursday..... like Sammy texted Rocky about it and not me! step forward? I hope so!.

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