Gurps sessions .5 and 1 in GURPS- another dice game like D&D

  • June 17, 2020, 3:27 p.m.
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Running from a battle in the Protected Zone Negelis and I jumped into a portal and we were met on the other side of the portal by 2 strangers in a cavern. We were attacked by 3 spiders. Negelis and the other 2 people had fallen so I helped my friend out and separated myself from the group. The 2 random folks looked weak and I figured I could take at least one alone. Once the spiders were dispatched the unknown male started a fire so I dragged the body of a spider to be cooked on the fire. We sat and ate spider until we were sucked into the nearby portal and placed with yet another unknown figure in a long white coat. I introduced myself as Mysta and she responded with Nurse, kinda an odd name but sure. Looking around we found ourselves in a desert. Some distance away from an encampment The Black Ridge to our right and the desert on our left. We noticed some foot tracks ahead of us and followed those to the ridge. We were attacked by large maggot creatures and when we made it to the ridge found dead man impaled on a jutting spike of rock. The one lady sent up a bird who knocked down a bag containing objects : Digging pic, small knife, blaster rifle, 10 yards coil of 1 1/2 inch cable (break at 3700 lbs.) and a set of lock picks. Though I grabbed for nothing the one guy who’s name I still didn’t know asked me to carry the blaster. “sure I guess”. We made our way to the encampment and were stopped by a man with a gun on a parapet “That’s far enough.” I yelled back “travelers looking for respite” to which he just said “Huh?” Negelis hollered something less intelligent and the guy seemed to get it but denied us entry. He then asked if we were there to see Viper. I guess we all decided to shrug it off and take any opportunity to not be in the desert and heat.... hoping for some water and my canteen had gotten closer to empty on the walk here. We played along as a couple well armed men led us to a bar where we filled our canteens and ate of bar snacks. We waited a couple hours before we were fetched to meet Viper. Viper stood in front of a large vault rather pleased that someone had taken him up on his offer. An offer we’d actually heard nothing about but it’s not like we had anything better to do. Wondering the desert is not on my bucket list. Viper was a rather buff military looking individual. He offered us a vehicle for a mission and a share of what’s in the vault upon return. The mission? to retrieve 4 keys in an ënemy” camp. They go to the vault but the other camp is unaware of the vault. We got what information he would give us and were about to head out when we realized none of us know how to drive. He offered lessons at $250 each but we did not have that kind of money. I did however have that rifle blaster worth $2000 so I traded it away for lessons for all. While we took turns taking lessons I shopped around and bought 3 throwing knives. We were given a map and directed as to where to go. I decided I’d drive, honestly I was the best choice.... smart, I know how to survive and having learned how to drive.... There were 3 places where we would need ton cross 3 rivers. At the first river pass I used my survival skill to access the most shallow point and we sent in the cooking guy to see if the bottom of the river was solid. I decided, not having driven before, to gun the speed to get through the river and ended up flipping the truck on it’s side. We attempted to access the situation but ultimately had to decide to leave the truck, walking another 35 mile and fording 2 more river areas before we’d be able to camp. While we walked away from truck I thought we’d figure it out on the way back so we could return the truck. The man I was holding the gun for thought it was better to blow it up as we were leaving.

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