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  • June 17, 2020, 4:48 p.m.
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So far this week we’ve gone to T’s both Monday and last night. We are now playing 2 different games with the same 5 players and DM. I’d much rather be rid of GURPS and just play D&D but we will see how it goes. T said that he made the GURPS game specifically for Shelby and she seems a bit uninterested in it now for some unknown reason. I personally think it’s in his head.... then again I’m not sure I like his DM style. He’s an older guy and somehow he thinks his life’s personal experiences apply to the game. So.... I’m sure I said it in “fi”rst impressions” but I’ve never taken any kind of Karate .... he has and apparently it’s easier to punch than kick something that’s lower than waist height. .... .... sure because you’ve had classes and I have not. How do you argue with that. There is another in game example that applies to the GURPS game last night but I haven’t posted the game stuff for that yet and it could be a bit of a spoiler.

I do not like Luke much. The characters he plays in both games are just there to .... seemingly make the game harder for the DM. In both games he’s looking to do something outside of the group. Likely separating him from us entirely. Now this would allow him to play separately throughout the days we aren’t playing and may be beneficial if I don’t really like him.... but he is friends with three other players and the DM and I’m sure it’s just the vibe I read off him… It’s just me… he just seems a bit of a know it all.... not yet to the point of Joseph but he’s near it.

I got word from work just within this last hour. 4x10 Days will return the 29th.... so we are going back the 3rd.... then we will be off the 4th for holiday and back the 5th. They will be having a shutdown and so far do not have a date but looking towards the end of August. I’m going to call destiny in just a few and tell her that this weekend has been cancelled because there was a case and they’ve adjusted us to go back the 3rd. She will likely ask if I can come up now and I will tell her I’d like to talk to Rocky about if he’d be able to go with me in August first. Hopefully he says yes.... but.... I’m gonna call now so there will be at least a half hour spot gap here.......

(45 mins later) Dom interrupted our call.... I did tell her that I’d go back the 3rd and she did say Öh so you can come up”..... I told her I’d check with ROcky about him taking off like I said above.... we talked about Gabby. She’s doing good. Her and Alyssa are getting along well. They are both out of the house right now. Gabby is with Dom and Alyssa is at Grandma’s. Destiny’s happy to have some time to herself. She had her first therapy for her back yesterday and was exhausted when she got home.... didn’t even recall if Critter had kissed her when he went to work this morning. I hope it helps but it’s way to soon to know. She’s going 3x a week so hopefully there will be some benefit. Was telling her about GURPS when Dom called.

It’s 10:10 and Rocky’s still asleep. We didn’t get home till 10 last night .... I slept till 4:30.... and I’m dragging today. I wanted to go get breakfast and a coffee but between the call to Destiny (she’s gonna call back in a few) it’s gonna be lunch before Rocky gets up :(..... maybe tomorrow.

I have another entry to post and then I’ve got to copy and paste my back story to email T this morning.... Then work on 5 listings.... before I worry about Rocky getting up.....

Oh! Last night I mentioned diamond painting and discovered Shelby (T’s ex gf play s games is on her second one! a Memorial .....(diz back.).... and 15 mins later.... Rocky’s up.... time to start the day I’ll have to do the Gurps game action later .... I want to send sent the backstory to T before we head out.... apparently Rocky wants to go to McKay’s today.... so it will be awhile before we are back.

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