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  • June 16, 2020, 7:44 p.m.
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Nothing to see here.

I keep laughing at this dye job on my hair. The only effective coloring is on my resistant grays. They won’t lay down or stay in a braid, but they will take all the coloring while the rest of my hair is like, “Meh…Maybe.” Looks like someone spilled koolaid on my head and it didn’t come out.

Work is work. The people I have to come into contact with bother me. They start fussing and complaining or they talk up a blue streak just because they’ve been in the house for 3 months and don’t have ANYBODY else to talk to. They hold me hostage while they wait for tickets to manifest in their emails as if I lied when I say, “They will be in your email shortly.”


Then…you are going to love this…there was the older volunteer who called last week and got tickets, but she called this week to complain about the mask requirement. She goes on and on and had the unmitigated AUDACITY to say, “I can’t breathe like that. I sound like Poor George Floyd.” I had an attitude after that because she was still going on and on. I didn’t say anything. I was very close to sending an email to my boss, the head of the volunteer program and the head of Membership since she is a member too. I was very uncomfortable with her comparing wearing a mask in the heat that’s not even hot, a mask that she can pull down to get air, to the weight of a grown ass man on another man’s neck causing his death. I mumbled under my breath that it was no comparison, what she said was nothing.

I’m really bothered by this statement.

Then I had an attitude for the rest of the day.

Then I had to listen to all of the whiney ass people.

I just checked out mentally and was looking at houses again. Because fuck these people.

And that’s pretty much where I’m at on it right now. People in traffic, entitled brats…

I’m. Over. It. All.

Take care and be safe.

Kindest regards,

P.S. Not to mention, I got lowkey followed by the police on Sunday. All the way from the Home Depot (they were coming out, I was driving past) on the South Side, near my job all the way to the North Side on my way to my uncle’s house. There was a brief moment where I left them behind on Kingshighway and Oakland but as I got closer to Kingshighway and Delmar, there they were. And yes. It was the same car. They kept hanging back in the other lane, just enough and they kept up the same move. I get to Kingshighway and Page and turn right so I can drive up Euclid to get to my uncle’s house. As I get to Euclid and Dr. MLK, guess who the fuck drives right in front of me? They went down a block to cut across me??

I don’t know how police patrol, but if you were south, you are out of your jurisdiction if you are north.

Dirty mfrs.

The US Mint or whoever makes the money, is another dirty mfr. Flying foxes. The bats people in China allegedly contracted dat Rona from. That’s the latest quarter art. For 2020. Are you fuckin for serious??

I’ve had it.

I’m. Over. Fuckin. It.

Gonna sit here and drink this black cherry rum and ruby red grapefruit juice and watch murder tv. The First 48.

I can’t stomach nothing else today.


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