The birthdays in Bittersweet

  • June 16, 2020, 12:34 a.m.
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Yesterday Co turned 13. Hes a big boy, almost 6 ft tall and hes my do everything right kid. I did everything with him the way i wanted, got the birth i wanted, nursed till three. parented the way i wanted. And he still grew into a shit lol. Hes stubborn, strong willed is an understatement, Extremely dramatic. Hes now my i cant handle this kid kid. Hes grouchy and stressful. He cant “see” things right in front of his face and can take an hour or more to respond to things i say. Punishments and taking things away dont work so hes been a huge challenge for me. He can be super helpful when his siblings arent around and is more outgoing and friendly. He just likes one on one instead of with the fam i guess lol.

Tomorrow Lo turns 9. Hes a huge contrast! He was the last baby that became second to the last baby. He was used to be being with him more then the other kids. Seeing our lives with in a different place and i could drive when he was a baby, i spent more time in his classes and field trips ect. Hes outgoing, and very affectionate and loving. He is happy to help you with almost anything.

Co got a huge new mountain bike. it was a 900 dollar bike and we got it for 350. And a keyboard. Lo is getting a bunch of models. He loves the Titanic and so we got him a model of it he can build. He likes legos so i think he will like this. Thank goodness i remembered to take photos of the things he wanted and scrolled back haha. That internet tidbit was a good ides. Lo also gets his cast off on the 18th. Its been a month today already! Then he has a month of a soft cast/brace and hes free. Good thing summer lasts forever here!!

I feel bad that B didnt get much for his birthday last month. e asked for a keyboard and a video game and we activated his phone. He wanted a car but we cant do that right now. Lo is also going to get my old cell phone. Im getting southern numbers later this week so m going to clean off my phone and give it to him. Next up. Little girl is on the 17th of next month. Shes easy to shop for. Its Ch in august that is hard!

girl in recession June 16, 2020

happy birthday to your babies :)

Jinn July 01, 2020

Lots of birthdays !

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