june 16 in idea barrages

  • June 14, 2020, 4:52 p.m.
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  1. HARD PILLS TO SWALLOW: Bitcoins are just Beanie Babies for libertarians.

  2. In a way, they ARE socially distancing, just with extra steps. Who would wanna hang out with a jackass who goes to a governor’s mansion with an open-carried murderbutton demanding their right to go to Dave & Busters’ in the middle of a plague?

  3. A lack of taste, unironic tracksuits, possession of a book about being a “pick-up artist” and a position at dad’s BWM dealership until your conservative-sports-podcast gets kickstarted are all potential symptoms of the BROVID-19 virus.

  4. Is French-Japanese fusion take-out an “abientot box”?

  5. Ideas are easy. Ideas are the easiest thing in the world. Don’t cling to ideas too jealously. Someone else has your idea? Come up with more. Writing, that’s hard. Realizing the ideas is insanely difficult. Worry less about the preciousness of your ideas, work on writing well instead.

  6. A movie about the attempts to save a failing sandpaper factory called COARSE CORRECTION.

  7. If you get a tattoo of someone firmly affixing postage, that’s a stamp tamp.

  8. I just realized what we need to call all these silver-spoon born-rich fascists. Yachtzis!

girl in recession June 14, 2020

lmao stamp tamp

Squidobarnez June 19, 2020

Yachtzis made me snort and think about my grandma (she loved that game, shaking the dice in that plastic shaker cup made her do this focus-smile that made me laugh every time).

you rule.


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