june 15 in idea barrages

  • June 14, 2020, 5:51 p.m.
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  1. It’ll be like an ice cream truck but we’ll go around selling pens and pencils and paper goods and stuff like that. We’ll call it MOBILE STATIONERY.

  2. Your horror show about an Italian chef so bad his dishes kill will be called “Penne Dreadful”.

  3. A comedy reboot of THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE called GEIN ACRES.

  4. You don’t wanna hang out with the first man to have sex with his own clone. The guy is always so full with himself.

  5. What does the Fox News hole call the opposition in their imaginary War On Christmas anyway? If they don’t have one, here’s one for free: “Antifalalalala.”

  6. Your movie about a series of murders in IKEAs will be called “Natural Bjorn Killers”.

  7. No longer the land of opportunity, if it ever was at all, now merely the land of photo opportunities at best. Our darkest destiny now baldly manifest.

  8. My Bowie name is “The Thicc White Dork”.

girl in recession June 14, 2020

i wonder about the man who would be willing to have sex with his own clone

Squidobarnez June 19, 2020


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