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  • June 12, 2020, 9:10 p.m.
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  1. It’s a chalupa shell filled with a spicy cheese sauce and Slim Jims. It’s called the Nacho Man Randy Sandwich.

  2. What if we get a Democratic governor to tell them to never put salt in their eyes?

  3. I wonder how often people tell him “LOL Cool J!” when he makes a joke that doesn’t land.

  4. If you put spring-loaded snakes in your giant beer mug, well brother, that’s just your Prankin’ Stein. (Do you not like puns? I guess I’m just Prankin’ Stein’s monster.)

  5. Remember when we let someone remake Candid Camera but literally just call it “Punk’d”? We should’ve let someone remake ER as “Hospital Drama”. We should’ve let someone remake Friends as “Mediocre White People”. We could’ve really pushed that envelope.

  6. If you consider that Ariel was an immortal air spirit, an appropriate alternate title for “The Tempest” could be “Livelong and Prospero”.

  7. The centaur liked dogs okay but he’d never own one. “I’m more of a horse person, himself.”

  8. If Billy Mays isn’t selling it, does it even fully count anymore? Isn’t it, like, ProxyClean at best?

woman in the moon June 13, 2020 (edited June 13, 2020)


Might - both definitions



Go back and think of them plural.

woman in the moon June 13, 2020

The above note is the stupidest I've ever seen....
another inane and insensitive note from woman in the moon.
she can't keep her mouth shut.
poor woman.

woman in the moon June 13, 2020

Once I left a note on a diary I didn't know too well. I thought it made sense and wasn't cruel - my two note criteria.
For some odd reason I went back to the entry - perhaps to see what others had noted.
And there below my note was another note - 'Another __ and ______ note from woman in the moon.'
I can't remember the words in the blanks but they weren't complimentary. I do remember the name of the person who left the note.
Maybe that's why the note editing function has a warning about being kind to one another. But that only comes into play for editing notes not for writing the original note.
OK, I'm all grown up and I'm over it. Over it. Over. It.

Squidobarnez June 19, 2020


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