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  • June 7, 2020, 12:49 a.m.
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On top of everything else, i’m back in the office. Currently sitting on my bed angry because as much as I want to MUDSTOMP my neighbor right now, his patchy bald headed, miserable, little ugly muppet ass life matters too. No matter how MUCH I want to take him out. He isa walking billboard for why the black community lacks unity. I do NOT like this person.

Back to work…
I don’t care about the reopening, I am dressing casual until the state of the world is off crisis mode. This means jeans and capris for a while.

Monday was okay. I was able to catch up on a few things and clean my office and adjust to the new office normal. I have to wear a mask anytime I’m not in my office and unless I have to pee, I don’t leave my office anyway. Day one, not bad.

Tuesday was a shit show. The members are allowed a preview week before we reopen to the public. Website tickets were to be live at 12 midnight. When everyone went to the website, the link directed them to nothing that said welcome back or dealing with tickets. I was answering my regular phone AND the ticket line and all the calls coming in on both lines were from people who could not access tickets. I got backed up to the point where I had 36 voice messages that I had to listen to and call back AND assist where needed. The site remained glitchy, but for the most part it worked for the rest of the day.

Wednesday was much better. Rather non eventful. I could not complain.
Thusday was pretty much like Wednesday. I’ll take non eventful any day. Except when that odd little man called.

Friday was as trashy a shit show as Tuesday was. After the first three or four phone orders I had, every call was a damn problem. back to back, no room to breathe. I started noticing a number in the corner every time I answered a call. That was the amount of time people spent in the queue waiting for me to answer the phone. I am not a frequent user of the ticket line so I don’t know how it all works. I need other phones to ring for the ticket line and not just mine. I missed mainline phone calls answering all of the ticket line calls. I was getting calls because membership put the ticket line number on their emails saying call this number if you have questions. So, I guess I was answering the questions too because I had more questions than anything. Mind you I was already ass in chair before I got any information about anything and I still feel my training was half assed. I got backed on Tuesday because of a step I had no clue about and I had to tell people I would call them back.

Anyway, I clocked out for lunch, clocked back in 9 mins late because, I was answering the phones still. I thought the numbers would dwindle when I put the phone on make busy, but they kept coming in. I had sent emails to people and not heard back from anyone after 12:30 ish. I felt as if I was the only one working the entire Organization on Friday. I sent an email to my supervisor because I’m using my phone non stop and I never hear from her for the rest of the day.


The calls finally normalized and I was able to get a handle on things around 3:30, then spent the remainder of the day telling everyone the website is messed up because tickets are gone, and of course the response is, why isn’t it on the website. I’m over here STEWING mad and I have to be customer friendly when I want to say, Fuck All of Y’all for real. Including the same stupid bastard that called 3 or 4 times asking what the number to the ticket line is. If I could’ve stabbed him in the throat through the phone he’d have been stabbed the fuck up. There was a voice message I called back. She wanted tickets and God’s light shone on her because some one had JUST called to release the 4 she had. I was excited FOR this woman. Now typically at 455 I shut off my phone, but here I was calling this woman to give her some tickets, trying to hurry up because I don’t know how long the tickets will last. DO YOU KNOW THIS OLD BROAD WANTED TO TALK LATER BECAUSE SHE WAS ONE THE PHONE???? Oh Bitch. I don’t think so. “Make a note and have someone call me tomorrow.” You know what. Ok. KNOWING that no one will be here. I had long not been giving a fuck regarding this day and the fuck that was not given for THIS shit??? Again, Oh Bitch. You caught me on the right day for this shit.
I logged off my phone and I went to the restroom and played online until the clock read 5:09 because I was 9 mins late coming back from lunch because of THIS SHIT.

I went to the store, got some tater tots and two bottles of wine because I was not sharing. I made mushroom and swiss burgers and tater tots for me and my son. He used a glass while I took my bottle to the head. I was over this day. Watched wrestling and I could almost swear the wrestling tights that Drew Gulak wore had some semblance of a confederate flag. I don’t need this shit. Bayley won the tag team title with Sasha. I don’t need Drew to be THAT guy…

All day today, I’ve mostly been in my room, in my bed. At nearly 12, I went down and had cereal, two smoked sausages, and some fries. Hung out on the couch and watched a little tv, then went back to my room. then at 6:01, because I was watching something and the time was right in my face, this asshole started with his music. I’m not even hungry, but I feel like I need to eat something. Whatever I eat is gonna be trash anyway, so whatever.

I need to buy a house. I get paid every two weeks and I don’t know how to save money, stay alive, and buy a house…

Stay safe and take care everyone…

Kindest regards,

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