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  • June 1, 2020, 3:13 p.m.
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Sammy came over after he’d gone to him mom’s and he was near tears. Told me he’d cried on the way over and spilled the event. She’d yelled at him in front of his Aunt and cousin from Oklahoma about how messy the house was. He said it was that messy when she left. She’d gotten herself so worked up that she stormed out of her own house. Drama much?.... She’d pointed out that he’d left some nail polish there. “Who did you have over?” “No one.” “So you’re wearing nail polish now?” Sammy took it as a homophobic remake and it was hurt on top of hurt.

He’s set to go to the dorms this semester .... It will end at Thanksgiving?.... I mean I’ve never had traditional college so I’m not sure where they start and end. .... He’ll have to move out of his apartment by the 31st and though he should be able to move into the dorm before then.... he wanted to verify that it’s okay to come here. I’d discussed it all with Rocky and though it won’t be pleasant I’m sure.... we can handle it. I did advise that if he chooses not to take the RA position because … well because the whole school event thing is the reason he wanted that job so bad and that’s all going to change this go round with COVID still being an issue. .... but that if he did decide to not live in the dorms he get a place.... and being honest I hope that’s the case. If he does take the RA spot and lives in the dorms there will still be an issue of where to go between Thanksgiving and whatever semester starts after the New Year. He stated that he’d rather live in his car than stay with their mom so..... I can’t deal with that. This 8 yr old boy with no socks (obviously he’s not 8, he just still is that boy to me somehow).

We’ve had issue with the recliner we’d ordered. It was to be delivered Last Tuesday. It had been “rescheduled” for today. Then Yesterday I got a message saying it would be delivered the 3rd.... and that changed back to today just this morning. I’m happy to say it’s now set up in the living room and Rocky is lounging happily. We’ve both sat in it and tested the message features.... which really just vibrate/heat but there is no uncomfortable hardness.... so I decided we’d get another one of those. So I looked at the money and moved things around and placed an order to be here the 11th..... though I know it will be later than that FedEx not wanting to deliver it....

Over the weekend Rocky had spoken with a work friend about including us in on a game of D&D. He’s an older guy apparently and has been a Dungeon Master since the 70’s .... I’m looking forward to meeting him and had come up with a quick Chicken Nacho thing in the Crock for dinner but was told he’d not be coming.... this is a relief because I’ve got time to plan something better to eat for a guest. First time he comes over we will just talk about the kind of game we would like to play and where we will play it or if we are viable candidates to enter a current game he has running.

Todd mowed yesterday. It was the first time he’d sent his son away.... apparently the boy’s aunt lives a couple roads down. Todd came in and talked to me for a fair bit before leaving.

Sent Rocky to Lowe’s to get some plastic containers. Rocky didn’t want us both to go to the store because he wanted to be sure someone was here when the chair got here. I’d like to get the pallet stuff organised in more sturdy storage. I’ve had a full pallet in the van now a good 2 months that I haven’t touched. Some because of sickness and lack of want.... mostly because lack of want and lazy.

I’ve been watching Outlander on NetFlicks. I have a list of things I’d like to watch/read and it was on there. Honestly not entirely sure why. I have to admit I have a fondness for a man in a kilt so turning it off over the weekend has been difficult. However, when they get to speaking Galic and I can’t understand it I get frustrated. Also, the amount of sex and some of the blood.... real aren’t needed.... Still the empty fields of Scotland 1743 are a site to behold and the twist of phrasing in insults and conversations are entertaining.

I finished my recent diamond painting this morning and it’s in the sealing process. In order to keep it decently flat while drying I’ve decided to seal it in 4 segments. .... I then have 3 small ones I am going to do and send to Destiny for her business prospect. She’s planning to do a bunch and take them to craft things. I’d also like to do that but I work weekends.... so not likely something I’ll ever actually be able to do. I’d bought 3 accidentally that were not the preferred size for myself. Then I’ve got this much larger one that’s like a path of books in a forest. Gonna be a ton of different shades of green but it should look pretty though a bit dark. Hopefully after all that hopefully I’ll have another order from Alex’s mom :)..... but if not.... I’ll pick a few more small ones to donate to Destiny.

Being as our meet with the D&D guy has fallen through for today I’m trying to go get steak. I cleaned the kitchen and dinning room at what felt like last notice and now I really don’t want to cook. Everything’s clean and it won’t be when I’m done. The place I want to eat doesn’t open till 4pm! and according to the window of hours I can eat ..... I’ve got to eat before 5. So I looked up the menu and Rocky agreed to head that way about 3:30.

I’ve been pretty successful with not eating in the mornings but I hate it because I literally spend 5 hours thinking about what I’m going to eat for breakfast. It’s daunting. I’ve always thought about food way more than I’m comfortable with but it seems worse when I focus on it like with dieting at all… in any way.... Still I’ve been pretty faithful so far… though there was loss the first week I gained some back and have seen no further loss and honestly I’m trying harder and doing better. Like I ate at 9 and haven’t eaten since.... and don’t plan to till about 4:15. if I stick to it though and continue to not lose.... maybe Rocky will see that I try and that nothing comes of it. Maybe the next time a doctor blames a pain or an illness on being fat he will hear it..... I doubt it but at least I’ll have something to say that is solid.

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