It won't go away! in My life....I can't make this shit up!

  • May 31, 2020, 3:43 a.m.
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I continue to deal with this allergic reaction. I’ve been taking benadryl, at least once a day now. A few days ago I took it every 6 hours. Friday I didnt take it until bed because I had to go into the office and in the evening we met up with my folks for ice cream at Twistee Treat. They had Dole Whip!!! For those of you who don’t know, Dole Whip is a delicious snack that you can only get at the Dole Pineapple plant in Hawaii or at Disney World. It’s the best. Since the Pandemic several more vendors have been allowed to sell it. It’s kind of like a Pineapple Sherbet meets dairy free soft serve. It’s heaven!
Once we got home I finally took it and went to sleep. For 12 hours. It. Was. Glorious!! The hives are slowly starting to clear up. They’re not as red or itchy. It’s still all over my face and hands, and they still itch, just not as bad as Thursday.
This morning I got a phone call from Cams school saying his computer could be returned today and that they had a bag of groceries for those who needed it. They actually gave me 2 bags since it was almost time for them to finish up.
While we did that Brian had gone on a couple uber eats deliveries. When he finished we decided to go to Bass Pro Shop. Two hours later we walked out with two new salt water poles, a few new tshirts, some work shirts for Brian, a bunch of new tackle, and some snacks.
We came home and watched the SpaceX launch on TV since it was too cloudy to see it from the back yard. After some more relax time we went to my parents for burgers on the grill and to show dad the stuff we bought. We got all the gear together and he gave me grandpa’s tackle box. He gave Cam grandpa’s fishing pole. It’s great I got Grandpa’s tackle box, because I inherited my other grandfathers tackle box when he died in 97. I haven’t really used it since 97 either.
We came home and I was determined to find Pops tacklebox. It was tucked into a corner of the garage. I really enjoyed going through Pops tacklebox. So many memories of the times we fished together. I even found a copy of his 1989 fishing license! Crazy.
I reorganized both boxes and got ready for tomorrow’s fishing trip. We’ll be up at 5AM to get out the door around 530. For the first time in a looking time I’m excited to go fishing. Everytime we’ve gone we’ve always used my dad’s gear. This time we have our own, and I have both my grandfather’s with me. Hopefully I catch a nice fish!

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