Poor Sammy in Second 1st

  • May 29, 2020, 11:02 p.m.
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He’s been taking care of Mom’s cat (his and Rocky’s mom) for the past 3 months. It’s a good 30 min drive from his place to mom’s house. Honestly, it’s a lot closer to us but she didn’t ask us. Early in the vacation Sammy took the cat to his apartment (even though it’s not allowed) to save on the gas that he would have to spend coming out everyday to feed the cat. .... At some point he borrowed a coffee pot and his mother is furious.

Sammy did not ask for any sort of payment while caring for the cat. The coffee pot is not broken.... no one used it but him.... he bought his own coffee.... BUT she felt the need to scream at him over it apparently. He’s returning it now. She said she was out with Rocky’s Aunt and that if he get’s there when they are not there he is to not leave until they speak. That’s not how that should be at all!

He’s done nothing to call for such backlash. He said he’ll be leaving there as soon as possible and hes very hopeful that she’s not there. That he could see not talking to her again over this because it’s so uncalled for. A COFFEE POT.....

If my mom was gone for 3 months.... and needed me to take care of the dogs.... I imagine she’d ask me to move in and eat her food. lol

She tried to give him the same guilt trip she’d given Rocky about staying in Oklahoma. “You don’t want me there....” and all that stupid stuff. We talked for a bit on the phone just now but he’s going to call when he leaves there and see if I’d like to hang out. Basically making sure I”m awake lol

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