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  • May 27, 2020, 2:48 p.m.
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This title means nothing. I’m just saying stuff.

Is this the perfect time to start a business? A food business at that?? A food truck business that I have no clue what I’m doing? A couple of people are trying to gas me up about this food truck thing. First, I’d be doing it alone. I’m not a good boss and I don’t trust folks to do what I asked. And the work is hard and my body already hurts. Lol

I was more into this when my sister was around. This was her baby and I wanted to have a part in it and help her. Alone, my heart isn’t in it. There are some other factors at play, too, but I’ll let those be.

What else…

So grandson’s last week of school activites. He’s been with his mother since Monday. I picked him up today to do a drive parade around the school to see the teachers and say goodbye and all that. It was bittersweet. His teachers from 1st-3rd grade were there. He got to talk to the current teacher and she gave the kids a note and an envelope to send her a letter so they can keep in touch. It was almost a tearing up moment. She told them she loved them. Kiddo looked like he wanted to hug her, but it didn’t happen. He said, “I really liked my school.” Then went on to talk about how nice his teacher is.

Monday, since I was without the kid, I kind of spa dayed myself. My feet look like happy summer feet instead of looking like I’ve been running through the streets of Bedrock with Fred & Barney. LOL Giving my toenails a deep nutrition treatment.

I officially go back to work on Monday. I was supposed to be back this week but they forgot to tell me about it. Told them I’d be able to come back next Monday. I’m really not ready but if I want to keep getting money, then I better do what I’m supposed to.

I had a dream last night. A guy I know who is a musician and Musiq Soulchild (real R&B artist). I met Musiq and apparently we went on a date riding the bus. The guy I know, Kent, I ran into him going to some party or reception. Apparently there was some kind of connection with us and he wanted to explore that further. Then when Musiq and I were out on a bus, something caught his eye. He said, “Wow. That’s what I’m talking about. You see that landscape? If we are together down the line, I want our wedding to look like that.” Then he made up a song, sang it, AND played the guitar for me on the bus, on the spot. Everyone was swooning, including me.

So as I was walking home, I walked past my supervisor who was my neighbor and I was talking about my day because apparently my dates both happened on the same day. I was telling her I didn’t know I’d have to choose between the two. Like I liked the fairytale that Musiq was offering, but that was now. How do I know he wouldn’t get me hooked then beat on me and be an abuser? I didn’t know what to do.

Then I woke up. I hate cliffhanger dreams. Lol
I hope also this wasn’t something I need to have interpreted. Which, just thinking that aloud, probably means it does…ugh.

So that’s all I got. Kiddo is hanging for a bit. Taking him back at 3. I missed him too though. Lol

Take care and be safe everyone.
Love & Peace…

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