but I like it when he wakes up early in Second 1st

  • May 27, 2020, 8:06 a.m.
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Rough day yesterday. .... it’s been raining a bit here lately but yesterday (and still this morning) I felt it. My head is a mess and my ear is just soooo loud :(.

Rocky woke at 8:15 as I figured he would.... and will for like a week to prove a point before going back to not getting up till sometime between 11-2. I’m not sure he has a clue what consistency means but it’s not like I care. He’s just wanting me to make him pancakes which I refuse to do if he can’t wake up at the same time everyday. Want pancakes? I’m not serving them cold and I’m not stopping everything just cause you decided to get up.

We’d picked up our order about 9 and brought it home. I’d woken at 3 and was tired by then with a mild migraine I’d already taken meds for :(.... We had something to eat for breakfast before we went and I ate about noon for lunch after that I’d sat on the couch and told Rocky I was ready to watch NCIS when he was..... and I fell asleep. I slept sitting up … well slouching horribly for about an hour.

Woke to a knock at the door. The gutter guy was there. Rocky walked around with him and he got our first quote, some 1600 to do what we’d want. Which is to repair what we have and add some kind of guard system so we don’t have to clean them ever.... Next step?.... well to get more quotes.... you never go with the first guy unless he’s the best option right?.... so Rocky made a list and a few calls and now we’ve got 3 scheduled between now ant June 16th.

The recliner did not come yesterday. It’s being shipped ground via FedEx. I’d checked the tracking number and it said by End of day yesterday. At 8:15 pm I got a text saying delivery was rescheduled for Monday the 2nd. Like?… we were here when it should have been delivered and I have no idea why they would reschedule .... but whatever. Rocky’s been sitting in that office chair for a good month now (and using the “bigman” as a freaking table).

The radiology place called yesterday and made an appointment for the ultra-sound on Rocky’s liver. It’s for 8am this morning! so that’s good. He can’t eat for 4 hours before but with it being so early that’s no problem at all.

The doc I see for the migraines/Meniere’s at Vanderbilt sent me a confirmation for an appointment I’d forgotten about on the second at 9am..... So I’m glad I already am set on tell Destiny I can’t go. I’ll bring the Dr. appointment up too. Really though it’s pretty much a follow up. I think we will talk about a once a month shot as an alternative to the meds because last email I’d sent to him stated that the pills were not working. However, since then I’d discovered that if I take Ibuprofen roughly 15 mins before taking the Rizatriptan it does knock it out most of the time.... enough for me not to take a once a month shot. Why would I go once a month when he can write a script that lasts much longer? .... waste of money… I hate shots.

I failed at IF yesterday but honestly it was the first time since I started a week and a half ago and it was only because the food took longer to cook than I thought it would and I was only 10 mins late eating. .... can’t eat till 9:07 today but we will be at the radiology place so I’ll be late eating anyways.... so that will all work out.

I’ve been walking 15 mins in the morning since the check up and honestly I’m not hating it all that much.... I just don’t really get into doing anything else before I go. Get up, restroom, dressed, go. I do get to play some games after I’m dressed because I’m not walking before the sun pokes through..... round 5:20… but no big focus like reading entries or writing them. I do try to get in 20 oz. of water before the walk.... and after. Have found that currently 80oz. is a good goal. I feel like I’m drinking (and peeing) all day but I don’t feel like my stomach is floating or that drinking is making me nauseous. .... I hope it’s enough to keep progress… when I weighed Friday I’d only lost like .6lbs.... but I didn’t gain and every bit counts.... also, I’m still working on the junk food in the house (slower than I use to obviously).

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