Cold, just cause? in Second 1st

  • May 24, 2020, 3:48 p.m.
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When Rocky woke today he was complaining he was cold. I asked if he’d taken his temperature and he said he had but didn’t have one. He spent a good 10 mins “shivering” in a tank top… before asking if it was warm outside. I told him it was and he stepped out. When he got in I said “You know it might help if you put on socks, shoes and shirt.” He grumbled about it and sat in a chair about 6 feet behind me.... and sat there. Every once in awhile he’d make a complaining moan and rub his shoulders. “You know if you are so cold why don’t you turn the A/C off?” He continued to sit there..... eventually putting on socks and shoes with more complaining moans “Do you need anything? Are you looking for my approval to tell you it’s okay to stay home?” “No.” Five minutes later he called out of work.... WTF?.... cause he’s cold?.... he put on a long sleeve shirt and sat in the living room wrapped in a couch blanket for about a hour. I ignored him. He eventually laid back down. Literally as I type this he’s gotten up (3:39pm). Whatever though..... I would have fired him already....

I found a site to log all the stuff I’d gotten so far in Animal Crossing so I worked on that till the battery ran out. Hopefully I’ll get to finish that later.

I have a package that I need to ship out that I ignored today (It will be fine I’ll get it out tomorrow). I only saw it last night and really forgot about it till about 10 mins ago.

I’ve listened to almost all of Critical Role now. The next time I turn it on will be the beginning of episode 96 season 2. There are 99 episodes as of now and I don’t think they are recording with COVID and all so.... well I won’t know about that till the episode 99 I guess.

I had asked Rocky if there was anything he needed for groceries this week. He said nothing he could think of (Saturday night) but this morning had requests.... :(.... I had made a pick up order and had to go in anyway because he didn’t add them before he went to bed :(.... what was the point of that? I spent a ton less time in there though. I mean I literally had to go in for 3 things and then drive over to the pick up area to get my other stuff. It just super sucked because I’d planned on eating lunch out and ended up eating breakfast. .... but whatever....

“What do you have left in your regular day?” “Literally nothing Rocky.” “Want to watch a couple episodes?” “I guess.”

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