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  • May 22, 2020, 7:10 p.m.
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I’ve been really moody lately. I almost had a complete mental breakdown yesterday, but I saved myself by drinking a tall glass of wine while on the clock. That is allowed while working from home during desperate times and for a good cause (according to me).

Then today Aunt Flo came a day early and it makes me feel a little better knowing that some of my near-meltdown feeling yesterday could have been PMS-related. Its nice to be able to blame craziness on hormones and not my actual “real” self.

The Young Buck is looking at apartments in Ohio (via internet) right now. Apparently he’s never had his name on an apartment lease before. He’s lived in a few apartments with roommates and he always just paid the roommates. I feel kind of bad for him. I think he needed a male role model and mentor on his sub. He chatted me today and told me he had no idea that when you apply for an apartment that you had to provide proof of income and that he’s never actually had to apply for an apartment before, and that its a scary feeling and it kind of wants to make him re-enlist, but he isn’t actually going to. I told him to apply now while he’s still technically active duty (his separation date is July 6th). I got my first apartment at the age of 19, so it kind of surprised me to learn he’s never had to apartment shop before, but it makes sense if he’s been with roommates.

He definitely needs a male figure in his life though. I could only guide him so much with my covid updates. I told him a few things which he blew off as not true, but then when his buddy said “the WHO is anticipating that some form of social distancing behaviors/norms may need to remain in place until 2021” (the same thing I said in one of my e-mails), his eyes got big and he was like “really?!” but I do know from past relationships, dudes tend to believe their buddies more than anyone else. So, I don’t take offense.

He’s a nice guy though. He’ll be 25 in July. Hopefully he’ll find someone a little closer to his “life experience” level in Ohio. Hopefully he’ll find a decent apartment. Hopefully he’ll get his dog he’s always wanted. Hopefully life will go well for him.

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