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  • May 21, 2020, 12:25 a.m.
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So early this morning, I got up. Made coffee, cleared away a few things so I could get started on my shredding.

The dreaded shred pile looks like a whole other trash section. This is the season of declutter and keeping clean. I shredded so much and it’s still halfway through.

I wasn’t able to finish the last little bit from today because my shredder got hot and shut off. I hope it comes back on. I unplugged it and let it just cool off. I don’t have any paper bags to just put it in the recycling outside. Being on the green team at work, I find out what recycling factories like by way of how they receive the stuff. I can’t just dump shredded paper in the bin, especially since all recycling is single stream now. So, when we shred, it’s got to go into paper bags. Again. I don’t have any. All the plastic bags are the big garbage ones. I made pillows from all the little plastic grocery bags.

That was a bunch of…I’m sorry I shared this drivel. Lol

I made burgers and actually ate one. Bacon. Cheese burgers on pretzel buns with Colby jack cheese. So. Good.

During the time I was shredding, I got an inbox from a mutual friend of Him. He said that he was putting together something for Him’s birthday next week. Friend wants to rally up folks to donate some funds to his tshirt business. Whatever you can, if you can. Cool. I sent $15.

Other than that, things have been ok today. This makes day 3 in a row of successfully staying in the house. Well. Not driving that is. Yesterday I went to the school to get the youngin’s things. They gave the kids a Chromebook or an iPad. I said Chromebook. When I let him use my hotspot on it, it moves a lot faster than the laptop my brother gave him. I think I’m going to use that one since the Chromebook is better and runs better.

After service tonight, I watched the rest of The Masked Singer. I was right about The Frog being Bow Wow. I’m glad he didn’t win. Lol I swore up and down The Rhino had to be either Gavin DeGraw or Rob Thomas. It was neither. It was Barry Zito from JAG. Thing is, Gavin DeGraw is one of his favorites and he sounds just like him. They did a duet on the after show and it was amazing how much they sound alike. The judges were right thinking Jesse McCartney was The Turtle. I had no clue. But Night Angel, at first I thought was Stevie Nick’s. THEN last minute, I thought maybe Cyndi Lauper, but no. Instead it was Kandi Burress who I was adamant it was not. I know her voice. And actually, the last few times I heard her sing, I was leaning that way because of something she did and I said perhaps it is Kandi. I was glad she won though. If Bow Wow won I would have been pissed. Lol

Well that’s all. I need to go to bed.
Take care.
Sleep well…

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