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  • May 20, 2020, 6:53 a.m.
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You know, I wrote last night about yesterday and I don’t know why it didn’t save and it didn’t even go into drafts.

I don’t even remember all of it but the point was that after the day before yesterday being extremely frustrating with my boss - yesterday was MUCH better and I think it’s because we finally talked “face to face”.

She finally suggested a Skype meeting and there I was able to share my screen and she could tell me step by step what she wanted to see in the report she wanted and I could show her real time if it was possible or not.

We stayed on for two ours running multiple reports through trial and error to get as close as possible to what she needed.
There may be a easier way to get better results but neither of us are masters at report running.

Also this lady seemed a little scatterbrained and tired today. I can’t even tell you how many times she asked me the same questions about things. But I didn’t react at all as if i was annoyed, I just answered as if it was the first time she answered.

The trouble also was the she had kinda compiled her own data without using the reports system, so every official report I ran had to be cross referenced by her notes an did something didn’t match up between her report and mine, we had to figure out why. But I believe I answered everything.

part of the issue was that plenty of contacts in our system have multiple addresses and she was sometimes including people that no longer lived in NJ or CT (which are our service areas) but then after me running a report for NJ and CT she wondered if we should include NY, what about PA - which yes, we could, but tell me that from the fucking beginning you know, instead of looking for NY people on a report you told me to run for only NJ.

I have to remembers - and please remind me if I forget - when I’m getting frustrated with this lady’s emails and texts - I just have to talk to her. I have to show her the ridiculousness she’s asking for. Cause she doesn’t even look at the reporting system unless I put it in front of her face....

In the end she wasn’t mad at me, we weren’t mad at each other - she was more mad that the reporting system wasn’t giving her the exact results she wanted - and I told her that could completely be our human error because we don’t know everything this system can do or the best way to get all the info yet. We just need more practice.

So long story short - yesterday was a much better day.

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